How To Avoid Getting Cancer In The First Place

In every meal, millions of human binge on junk food and later on think that doctors will be able to fix their health problems with surgery and medicine.

What exactly is junk food? Most people think that this is not really bad. Furthermore, a lot of people simply like those foods that cater their weaknesses – which include more junk science substitutes replacing one chemical-laden food choice with another, and another, and another wherein the ultimate price being your life.

Cancer is a cumulative effect from overloading your body with toxins day after day, year after year. It doesn’t show up overnight.

Cancer Is Not Inherited And It’s Not Contagious, So Get Smart And Prevent It

When it comes to cancer, no chemical or combination of chemicals will ever be the solution because it is in the first place, caused by the consumption of chemicals. This makes allopathic medicine one of the worst ways to treat cancer as well as one of the main causes.

Let’s take an inside look at what starts the “fire” and the fuel that spreads it.

Here are the cancer fuels you must avoid:

  1. Quit using artificial sweeteners
  2. End all processed (homogenized) dairy product consumption
  3. Never eat sodium nitrates (processed meats)
  4. Avoid or filter tap water
  5. Don’t buy or eat conventional meat (hormones, antibiotics, parasites, pathogens)
  6. Stop eating GMO products (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  7. Eliminate all foods from your intake that are imported from China as they are often loaded with heavy metal toxins
  8. Always ignore the mass “mainstream” media because they lie about everything that’s good for you and they promote everything that’s bad for you

Just know where to look as there are always healthy options to everything Big Food and Big Pharma have made toxic.

Consuming genetically modified organisms means that you’re eating chemical forms of weed killers and bug killers. If you eat chemicals every day, then there is no way to prevent cancer.

In order to kill wild boars, sodium nitrates are used. Avoid deli meats, bacon, sausage, and hot dogs at all costs. Check out liquid aminos, organic garlic, and organic tamari garlic for spicing up your meals.

There is a huge difference between the organic and conventional meat. Organic meat does not contain antibiotics or hormones as well as are not fed by GMO corn, alfalfa, and soy. Don’t eat cancer. In addition to these, CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) meat is usually ridden with parasites and pathogens from the unkempt quarters where they suffer, including pigs, turkeys, cows, and chickens.

Artificial sweeteners alter your cells as they trick your body into ingesting them. Don’t mutate your cells on purpose, because they will fight you later.

Conventional dairy products that come from CAFO cows are processed through pasteurization and homogenization wherein toxins and most of the nutrition is removed and at the same time, new toxins are added.

A powerful and deadly insecticide known as sodium fluoride is found in tap water. Aside from this, you can also find chlorine, other people’s medicine, and heavy toxins in it so make sure to filter it before chugging it down.