Different Ways Refined Sugar Is Slowly Killing You

Refined sugar is actually a poison that gradually deteriorates your body from the inside – never let its sweetness fool you. Consuming this saccharine stuff will mess up everything good about your health.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways how sugar ruins your health in all sorts of ways.

It Triggers Insulin Resistance

A diet high in refined sugar causes a surge of glucose in the bloodstream. In response to this, your body produces large amounts of insulin to take the glucose from the blood to the cells.

A constant large amount of production of insulin is a bad thing because it can leave your cells resistant to it. If this persists, it won’t take long before the glucose in the bloodstream becomes constantly high causing all sorts of complications like diabetes and nerve damage.

It Makes Your Skin Age Quickly

If you are a beauty-conscious person, it’s a good idea to stop pampering your sweet tooth as soon as you can or else you may end up looking a lot older than your current age.

The reason behind this is refined sugar can damage collagen and elastin – both of which are responsible for maintaining the skins’ firmness.

Damaged collagen and elastin causes your skin to sag and becomes wrinkly. Refined sugar can also make your complexion look dull.

It Causes Cancer

It has been concluded in multiples studies that refined sugar increases your risk of cancer.

Numerous findings showed that a diet high in refined sugar is linked to the development of several types of cancer such as pancreatic, colon, breast, and liver cancer. It has also been found out that it provides fuel to cancer cells – this means that refined sugar is the main reason why cancer cells spread and grow rapidly.

It Weakens Your Bones

According to doctors, consumption of refined sugar can also increase your risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Having osteoporosis is a debilitating experience because it can significantly diminish your quality of life.

It doesn’t just weaken your bones, refined sugar also damages your pearly white teeth.

It Causes Heart Disease

Excess calories from consuming refined sugar are turned into fat by the liver. This is why a diet high in refined sugar makes you fat. But being fat should not be your primary concern because doctors say that consuming refined sugar increases your risk of cardiovascular diseases which is also known to be the number one killer on the face of the planet. If heart disease runs in your family, stay away from this white stuff because it will actually put you in danger.

It Damages Your Liver

It was already mentioned above that liver convert refined sugar into fat. Too much consumption of refined sugar will leave the liver overworked making some of the fat it produces remain in it making your liver fatty and become damaged. A damaged liver cannot carry out its functions like metabolizing alcohol and drugs, as well as neutralizing harmful toxins that enter the body.

It is Highly Addictive

Refined sugar is no doubt highly addictive. It makes you crave for more and a lot of people are actually hooked on it.

Being addicted to this substance comes with very serious consequences. It can cause health issues mentioned above, plus a lot more complications.

The more you get hooked, the more damaged your body becomes so the sooner you quit this addiction, the better. And your entire body will thank you for it.