What Gives You Cancer More Quickly – Processed Meats Or Cigarettes?

For sure when you see someone smoking a cigarette you instantly think about the health damage it may cause to that person as well as the raising risk of getting cancer from inhaling those toxins. Cigarettes contain bleach, pesticides, ammonia, and formaldehyde which all drive cancer cells to reproduce uncontrollably which leads to kidney failure, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

Have you ever look that way at someone eating a deli sandwich? Well, you should start now. According to the World Health Organization, processed deli meats are classified as Class 1A carcinogens for a human. Processed deli meats, sausages, most bacon, and hot dogs cause colorectal cancer.

Let’s take a closer look at some food choices that are ranked alongside cigarettes, arsenic, alcohol, and asbestos as major causes of cancer.

Processed deli meats are given same IARC carcinogenic classification as cigarettes, asbestos and alcohol.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), under the umbrella of the World Health Organization (WHO), has placed cured and processed meats like sausages, ham, and bacon next to cigarettes, alcohol, arsenic, and asbestos as leading causes of human cancer. Moreover, red meat has been placed in group 2A as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

In a study conducted by IARC, it utilized 22 experts from 10 different countries who considered over 800 different studies on cancer in humans with over 400 epidemiological studies focused specifically on processed meat. Here come the cold, hard facts about processed meats.

  1. Processed meat means it has been transformed through curing, salting, smoking, and fermentation, and may contain blood.
  2. Eating just one 50-gram portion of processed meat daily (1.8 ounces or about 2 average slices of deli meat) increases your risk of getting colorectal cancer by 18%, according to IARC experts.
  3. Avoiding red meat is NOT a protective strategy against cancer.
  4. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and N-nitroso compounds are two types of dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals that form when meat is processed.
  5. Substantial pieces of evidence backed up the link between bowel cancer and processed meat.
  6. The more processed meat you eat, the higher your risk of cancer rises.
  7. High-temperature cooking of processed meats, which includes pan frying and barbecuing, increases carcinogenic risk.
  8. Stomach cancer is also associated with eating processed meat, according to IARC
  9. Asbestos and Tobacco smoking are both classified in the same carcinogenic category as processed meat – Group 1.
  10. The Global Burden of Disease Project estimates 34,000 deaths per year worldwide are attributable to people who regularly eat processed meats.

Think again if you thought the smokers had it so much worse than everyone else. It’s all leading to bowel cancer because that’s the last point of exit from the human body for these poisons that become more toxic by the minute and build up in the system.

It really takes a whole lot of willpower to quit eating certain foods you like. However, if you know the consequences of “eating cancer” daily, then for sure you will make wiser choices. You’ll leave out those foods that IARC are warning us, which are as poisonous as cigarettes.

You may love your corned beef, hot dogs, bacon, ham, and beef jerky, but you’ll hate your cancer! It’s time to seek out clean foods and organics!