Mistakes Most People Do Right After Getting Diagnosed With Cancer

Worry continuously, talk to family and friends, research non-stop, and perhaps do your fair share of crying. These are some of the things that you might do when you get diagnosed with cancer. Although these reactions seem normal, there are things that you should not do if you want to have a better chance of beating this disease, especially when it’s the first time you get diagnosed with cancer.

Here Are The Top Mistakes Most People Do Right After Getting Diagnosed With Cancer

1. Going Directly Into Mainstream Treatment

As you are facing a deadly disease, it’s only natural that you tell your doctors to fix it as fast as possible to the best of their abilities. The fact that time might not be on your side may affect your decision on what treatment you’ll take and most people end up getting, for example, chemotherapy where they subject themselves to a lot of tests that exposes their body to even more radiation, which may cause cancer to spread even more because of the huge amount of stress their body is into.

One of the best options you can do is take an hour or two to research for safer alternatives before committing yourself into those mainstream treatment. Always remember that you can beat cancer, and it’s not always through chemotherapy or any radiation treatment. In fact, make that option out of your list if you don’t want your body to gradually get worse.

2. Failing To Detox

By eating a purely organic diet based on plants and juicing, your body will get some detoxing effects. Destroying cancer cells is a good thing but you also need to get it out of your body because these residues leave a big burden on your liver.

3. Ignoring The Importance Of Diet

The only thing that you’d want to rush after your cancer diagnosis is changing your diet. It’s always emphasized enough that cancer cells thrive and feed on refined carbohydrates and refined sugar. In this situation, completely cut them out and avoid them as if your life depends on it, where in fact it does! Focus your diet on organic plant foods and also avoid red and processed meats.

4. Sticking To Just One Protocol

Don’t fall into thinking that merely juicing cucumbers or carrots can solve all your problems in dealing with the disease. Although these methods can help, taking other alternatives like yoga, for example, might provide you with even more benefits.

But take note that mixing protocols with radiation treatment is not advisable.

5. Overlooking Emotional, Mental, And Spiritual Healing

Treating cancer, especially in conventional medicine, is focused solely on the physical body and concentrating a lot of effort on your physical condition makes you forget about the value of the spirit and mind. You don’t want to make that huge mistake.

Keeping your mind and spirit healthy can do wonders by increasing the quality of life and reducing stress levels. Activities like walking, deep breathing, and yoga can help you relax. Studies confirm that reducing stress in women with breast cancer has shown significant improvement in their immune function and it’s likely effective for other types of cancer as well.

Getting diagnosed with cancer is devastating. How you choose to fight is a very personal decision that ultimately depends on what you believe and what’s best for you. Getting as much information from dependable sources before engaging in certain treatments is very important. As much as we want to tell you, cancer is not the end of everything. It’s a tough fight, but it can be beaten.