Improve Hair Health and Prevent Hair Loss With Onion Juice

For those seeking a remedy for unexplained hair loss, the use of onion juice, which is simply pressed from an onion plant, has become a popular trend.

Onion is one of the most widely available vegetables in the world. It contains high amounts of vitamin C, B-family vitamins, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, and potassium. This veggie also has other antioxidants, anthocyanins, and phenolic compounds. These all contribute to a number of positive effects on the body, including hair growth.

Benefits Of Onion Juice For Hair Growth

Reduces Inflammation

The antioxidants found in onion juice can soothe inflammation of the scalp, which can often lead to impaired function of the hair follicles or dry skin. You can cut down on dandruff and lower your chance of infection from open wounds once the inflammation is reduced.

Protects From Infection

There are several bacterial, fungal or viral infection that can affect the scalp, which can lead to hair loss. As onion juice has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it can protect the scalp against pathogens that may lower hair follicle function.

Moisturizes The Scalp

Due to its invigorating and moisturizing effect, onion juice can help prevent dry skin and provide the hydration that hair follicles need to grow.

Prevents Graying Of Hair

Without the compound catalase, an antioxidant found in onion, hair becomes weaker and more likely to fall once it changes its color. This doesn’t happen with regular application of onion juice.

Improves Follicle Health

Onion juice has nutrients and minerals, such as sulfuric compounds, which is needed by the hair to grow. By just massaging an onion juice into the scalp and hair, it can stimulate the growth of hair from unhealthy follicles and maintain normal growth from healthy follicles.

Improves Circulation

Its active ingredients can increase circulation under the skin, which can drive oxygen and important nutrients to the hair follicles, thereby stimulating hair growth and improving healing.

How To Make Onion Juice?


2 large yellow onions

Steps In Making:

Wash and peel the onions. Chop them into smaller chunks and blend for 1-2 minutes. Strain the onion juice through a sieve or cheesecloth. Press the onion pulp to extract as much juice as possible. Refrigerate the onion juice until you are ready to use it.

You may also add some honey to the onion juice to increase its effectiveness and further enrich your hair follicle

How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth?

  1. Massage the onion juice into the scalp and any bald patches that may be appearing.
  2. Leave the onion juice in your hair for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Wash out the onion juice with warm water and a mild shampoo.
  4. Repeat this process daily for best results.