5 Best Healing Herbs And Spices

There are a lot of healing herbs that can do wonders depending on the type of ailment you experience. These herbs have been used hundreds of years even before civilization and scientists are finally starting to confirm these plants’ abilities to alleviate different kinds of diseases. They even discovered new amazing healing abilities such as the ability to kill or disrupt cancer cells from spreading without any harmful side effects.

Here are some of the herbs you’ll want to add to your arsenal of an all-natural section of your medicine cabinet – and of course, your favorite cooking recipes.


Turmeric is a spice commonly used in curry. It contains the compound curcumin which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory that works similarly to synthetic pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs that reduces pain and swelling due to arthritis.

This spice may also prevent colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. According to a clinical trial conducted by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, curcumin can help shrink cancerous lesions known as colon polyps when taken with a little amount quercetin, a powerful antioxidant commonly found in apples, onions, and cabbage.

To maximize its benefits, always include turmeric into your cooking recipes or you can brew a tea out of it and drink daily.


Grilling, broiling, or frying meats at high temperatures produce HCA’s or Heterocyclic Amines. HCA’s are potent carcinogens and are linked to different types of cancer. According to J. Scott Smith, PhD., the lead researcher at Kansas State University, “Rosemary contains carnosol and rosamarinic acid, two powerful antioxidants that destroy HCA’s”.

Rosemary extract may also help stop tumor by preventing carcinogens that enter the body from binding with DNA which is the first step in tumor formation.

To maximize its benefits, always marinade foods in rosemary as well as with other similar spices like thyme, basil, onion, parsley, or oregano. In this way, it will significantly reduce the production of HCA’s of your food that was cooked at high temperature.


Ginger is another powerful natural remedy for a wide range of diseases. It can prevent stomach upset from many sources, including motion sickness, chemotherapy, and pregnancy. This is one of the home remedies that really works wonders. Considered as a powerful antioxidant, ginger works by blocking the effects of serotonin – a chemical produced by the brain and stomach when you’re nauseated.

Ginger can also decrease blood pressure, reduce arthritis pain, and can prevent cancer. It helps regulate blood flow through the veins which may lower blood pressure and its anti-inflammatory properties can help ease pain and swelling from arthritis.

According to Suzanna M. Zick, ND, MPH, a research investigator at the University of Michigan,

“Our preliminary results indicate that ginger may have significant therapeutic benefit for ovarian cancer patients.”

The anti-inflammatory powers help powdered ginger kill ovarian cancer cells as well as—or better than—traditional chemotherapy, at least in the test tube, found a study by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.


According to a research review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, high consumption of garlic can significantly lower the risk of ovarian, colorectal, and other types of cancer. In a Japanese clinical trial, they also found out that after a year of taking aged garlic extract supplements, people with a history of colon polyps saw a reduction in the size and number of the precancerous growths detected by their doctors.

Garlic can also provide cardiovascular benefits. It contains 70 types of active phytochemicals, including allicin, a compound that decreases blood pressure by as much as 30 points according to many studies. Garlic may help prevent strokes as well by reducing arterial blockages.

Crushed fresh garlic offers the best cardiovascular and cancer-fighting benefits so it’s always best to include it in your diet to maximize its healing properties.


Taking cinnamon extract on a daily basis can successfully reduce blood sugar by 10%, according to a recent German study conducted to persons with type-2 diabetes.

It can also lower cholesterol levels. Cinnamon packs a one-two punch for people with type 2 diabetes by reducing related heart risks. In another study of diabetics, it slashed cholesterol by 13% and triglycerides by 23%.

Be sure to sprinkle your food with a pinch cinnamon powder whenever possible so you can maximize the health benefits of this spice.

3 Rules To Consider For The Safest Self-Healing

Although these spices are natural, they sometimes work like drugs in the body. It’s always best to take precautions before getting into your self-healing routine. Here are some of the things you need to consider.

Rule #1: When using natural supplements, although natural, don’t assume it’s safe. Herbs are not regulated by the FDA for safety or efficacy. Search the label for a seal of approval which indicates it has been approved by certified academic laboratories.

Rule #2: Talk with your doctor. It’s best to tell him if you’re considering supplements. Some herbs can interact with certain meds, including those for high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression, as well as blood thinners and even OTC drugs.

Rule #3: Don’t overdo it. More isn’t necessarily better—and could be dangerous. Always follow dosing instructions.