Why You Need More Asparagus In Your Life

Asparagus is considered to be one of the delicacies of the vegetable world. They are the young shoot of a cultivated lily plant having a distinct, savory flavor.

Though this vegetable can make your pee smell a bit, it can deliver a lot of health benefits to you. Asparagus contains high amounts of calcium, copper, fiber, folate, vitamin A, B6, C, K, and iron. For a flavorful meal, you can add asparagus to your pasta or salad dishes or you can simply steam, boil or roast it.

Here are more reasons why having asparagus in your diet is worth it.

It Supports Your Digestion

Try to eat asparagus if your digestive system isn’t working well. Asparagus has been found to contain inulin which is referred to as a prebiotic. During the first stages of digestion, inulin doesn’t get broken down but instead upon reaching the large intestine where bacteria feed on it. This improves absorption of nutrients in the body.

It Makes You Lose Weight

Asparagus can help you in your quest in shedding some pounds as it is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber aids in curbing your hunger and makes you feel full for a longer period of time. Aside from this, a regular consumption of asparagus can reduce your cholesterol levels and boost your digestion for a better bowel movement.

It Packs Quite A Lot Of Antioxidants

Asparagus is loaded with antioxidants and detoxifying agents to flush out the toxins from the body and fights off free radicals that are one of the factors that can contribute to cell breakdown.

It Has Vitamin E

One of the antioxidants present in asparagus is vitamin E which boost your immune system and protects your cells against harmful effects of free radicals. You can roast it with a little bit of olive oil to get the most amount of vitamin E as your body can better absorb vitamin E when it is combined with fats like olive oil.

It Keeps Your Mental Faculties Intact

Our brain cells tend to deteriorate as we age, thus leaving us at high risk from cognitive problems like Alzheimer’s. Luckily, asparagus can prevent this from happening because of the presence of folate which, along with B12, protects your brain cells against damage. So, as you age, you must keep on eating this veggie to keep your mental faculties sharp.

Mentioned above are just a few reasons why you should eat asparagus especially when you want to beat mental decline, poor digestion, premature aging, and other health issues. Asparagus can surely boost your overall health.