Which One Actually Helps You – Smoothie or Juice?

Though the difference between blending and juicing is quite obvious, many people are still confused about these two.

For you to know, not all juices are created equal and this one is the same with smoothies. Every smoothie or green juice enthusiast should know about the distinct differences between the two.

What is Juicing?

When you extract the liquid of whole foods it is called juicing. A special machine called juicer is needed to achieve it. You cannot make a smoothie using a juicer.

What is a Smoothie?

On the other hand, a blender and no other equipment is needed to have a smoothie. You can actually make a light yet nutritious meal with the right ingredients. If you wish, you can choose from fruits and vegetables or you can combine them. Some of your favorite sources of protein can also be added to your smoothies, such as protein powder or low-fat yogurt.

Blending Versus Juicing

Both blending and juicing are truly delicious. There are certain advantages of smoothies over juicing and vice versa. First, fiber is present in smoothies and this provides the following benefits:

  1. Consuming smoothies makes you full and this makes you feel satisfied without eating more.
  2. Nutrients are evenly released throughout the system because of the presence of fiber.
  3. Increase in blood sugar levels is avoided as nutrients flow through the bloodstream very slowly.

As compared to juicing, smoothies are easier to make. However, it does not mean that you should stick to smoothies only. Some benefits can also be obtained from juicing and this includes:

  1. Your digestive system does not have to work very hard to break down what you have consumed because there is no fiber in juice.
  2. Absorption of nutrients by the body is easier and faster.
  3. People who have problems with processing fiber and have a sensitive digestive system can benefit from juicing.

Always put in mind that juicing can cause rapid blood sugar increase, which can result in memory problems, energy loss, and mood swings. But this only happens on people who only consume juice on their diet.

Which One Should You Pick?

Both the two are almost equally nutritious. Smoothies are great if you are not battling any disease, losing weight, or just looking for a way to refresh yourself in a healthy way. Meanwhile, if you want to dramatically improve your health or you have an illness, juicing is a better option.