Turmeric Smoothie Recipe With Tons Of Benefits

For sure you’ve heard the wonders of turmeric to your overall health. This spice is rich in curcumin and some of the benefits you can obtain from it include the flowing:

  1. Plenty of antioxidants
  2. Fights viruses
  3. Fights bacteria
  4. Prevents tumors
  5. Prevents inflammation

Aside from adding it to your dishes like curry, turmeric is used by many people, particularly those health enthusiasts, to give a boost on their smoothies. Here’s a turmeric smoothie that will benefit your overall well-being.


  1.      Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder
  2.      One banana
  3.      Half a teaspoon of ginger
  4.      One teaspoon of chia seeds
  5.      Half a cup of frozen pineapple
  6.      Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
  7.      One tablespoon of coconut oil
  8.      One cup of coconut milk

Just like other smoothies, all you have to do is to add all the ingredients into the blender and process them until they are smooth.

For those out there who want their smoothie to taste a bit sweeter rather than a bit sour, you can simply change frozen pineapple with mango chunks and use the same serving size. Moreover, you can up the amount of turmeric to one teaspoon if you want a stronger taste. To obtain a malty flavor or something similar to butterscotch, a teaspoon of maca can be added to your smoothie.

By drinking this smoothie every day, especially during breakfast, you can obtain the following health rewards:

Memory Boost

Giving you a better mental health is among the many benefits of turmeric. Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented by consuming turmeric regularly.


Several studies support that turmeric can prevent cancer by destroying the cells that cause the disease.

Weight Loss

Are you someone who wants to lose some extra weight? Then, turmeric can be helpful. Just see to it that the smoothie you’ll be making is not too sugary.

Skin Health

A regular drink of this smoothie will give your skin an instant glow as turmeric can help lessen skin issues like wrinkles and acne.

A big thanks to turmeric’s active ingredient curcumin, which can give you health benefits that promote longer life. Just add some sweet fruits to your smoothie if you don’t like the bitterness of this spice.