An In-Depth Look At The Many Health Benefits Of Arrowroot

Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea), also called Bermuda arrowroot, obedience plant, and Maranta starch is from Marantaceae family of plants. Technically, it’s not a root, but instead a root system or an underground mass of roots.

Arrowroot, which has been used for many different applications, is a nutritionally dense starch extracted from the tubers of a number of perennial rhizomes. Arrowroot powder is commonly used as an alternative to cornstarch, making it a perfect thickener for soups, puddings, or gravy.

Health Benefits of Arrowroot

Heart Health

Because arrowroot is rich in potassium, it can be a definite line of defense against heart-related problems. Potassium helps in relaxing the tension in the blood vessels and arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke, atherosclerosis, and lowering blood pressure.

Plus, potassium promotes the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain as it is known to be a cognitive enhancer.

Kidney Health

Its adequate amount of potassium is very helpful in cleaning or removing toxic depositions in the kidneys.

Digestive Health

Powdered arrowroot has high fiber content, which is important for a healthy digestion. Through this, you will be able to avoid indigestion and its symptoms as well as constipation, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids.

Additionally, fiber also stimulates the body’s absorption of nutrients and helps in the efficient movement of food through the intestine.

Lowers Cholesterol

As it promotes bile production, arrowroot helps in increasing cholesterol uptake by your gallbladder for necessary bile synthesis, therefore, optimizing your cholesterol levels.

Maintains Blood Pressure

Arrowroot is rich in potassium to sodium ratio. As compared to 31.2 milligrams of sodium, a cup of arrowroot contains 545 milligrams of potassium. This helps in relaxing your blood vessels as well as in the proper maintenance of blood pressure, especially for persons with hypertension.

Boosts Immunity

Extracts from arrowroot help in boosting the production of cells within the immune system as it has been reported to have cytotoxic activities in the body that helps in immunity building.

In a 2012 study wherein a study about the immunostimulatory effect of arrowroot was conducted, researchers found that those same tuber extracts stimulated the immune systems of cells, both when tested in vitro (in test tubes) and in vivo (in a live animal). This proves the usefulness of arrowroot in boosting the health of the immune system.

Weight Loss

As compared to other starches such as cassava, yams, or potatoes, arrowroot is very low in calories. Because of this, people trying to have a strict and healthy diet can get complex carbohydrates, a wealth of nutrients, and a healthy dose of dietary fiber, which will eliminate the desire to snack between meals. Arrowroot will fill you up and give your body its needed vitamins and minerals.

How to Use Arrowroot

Arrowroot powder can be mixed into juice or other beverages, and then drink it straight. However, recommended guidelines for consumption should still be followed.

Take note that when arrowroot is used in cooking, it will break down more easily in a longer, high-heat cooking than starch.