Juicing Recipes For Diabetics

Diabetes is a condition wherein the body has elevated blood sugar levels because of two reasons: the body does not produce insulin or it does not respond well to insulin.

If left undiagnosed, diabetes can be a silent killer because its symptoms don’t manifest until it’s too late. Severe cases of diabetes can lead to blurred vision, amputation, heart disease, and hypoglycemia.
Factors that play a role in diabetes are unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, genes, ethnic background, and age.

Diabetes can be prevented with the right diet and exercise.

Instead of eating processed carbohydrates like bagels, cereal, donuts, and rice, choose whole grains like wheat bread and brown rice. Avoid drinks rich in sugar as it can increase the risk by 38 percent. Eat more “good fats” like fish oil, vegetable oil, nuts avocado, and seeds. Avoid bad fats found in fast foods and chips. Furthermore, you must quit smoking. It will just increase your chances of getting diabetes by 50 percent just by puffing cigar.

Recipes For Diabetics

One common ingredient found in these recipes is bitter melon.

Bitter melon contains ingredients that can help lower blood glucose levels and these are charantin, vicine, polypetide-p, and lectin. When combined with medication, bitter melon is so powerful that it may reduce blood sugar too much that it can fall to dangerously low levels.

According to experts, you should avoid eating more than 2 bitter gourds per day. Likewise, if you are pregnant, avoid drinking these because it might trigger premature contraction and bleeding, thus resulting in miscarriage.

The Blood Sugar Buster

2 large bitter melons
And nothing else
This is the most concentrated form and it is very bitter but it is very potent.

Blood Sugar Busting Diuretic

2 large bitter melons
Half a lemon
1 medium cucumber

The strong bitter flavor of the 2 large bitter melons can be diluted by the cucumber and lemon. But as you chug it down, you will still feel the bitterness of this drink.

If you are not a fan of a pure bitter melon then, this is a good alternative.

Slightly Sweet And Very Bitter

2 large bitter melons
1 Fuji apple
Half a lemon
1 medium cucumber

Try this recipe if you think that the “blood sugar busting diuretic” is too strong. Both are just similar, and the only difference is the Fuji apple.

Fuji apples are firm and have a lot of juice. However, you must limit it to just one because of its too much fructose content. You can also use green apple as its purpose is only to dilute bitterness and add flavor to this drink.