Stress Minimizer Juice

This stress minimizer juice is sweet but tangy. It is great for improving general mental health and treating stress and depression. Chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure, muscle pain, weight gain, and a weakened immune system. What’s good about this juice is that it helps with the management of cortisol – the body’s stress hormone, and arms the body with its needed tools to deal with the effects of stress in the body.

Spinach Honeydew Melon Juice Recipe

Servings: 1
321 calories per serving
400 ml |14 oz


1/2 Honeydew Melon 500
2 Apples
Baby Spinach 100g
Juice of 1/2 Lemon


Wash all the ingredients thoroughly before juicing

  1. Soak spinach leaves in water to plump them up. Leave to drip dry.
  2. Scoop honeydew melon out of the hard skin.
  3. Cut apples into chunks in order for it to fit into juicer chute. Do not juice apple seeds or core.
  4. Alternate between soft and hard produce to help get the most juice out of the leaves.
  5. Before drinking, squeeze lemon into juice.

Nutrient Breakdown (%RDA)

Vitamin C: 197% – Good for mental health, immune system, and skin.
Vitamin A: 83% – Good for the immune system, eye health, hair, skin, and nails.
Vitamin K: 636% – Good for heart health, blood circulation, and teeth and bones.
Potassium: 61% – Good for dehydration, blood pressure, and metabolism.
Folate: 71% – Good for heart health, high cholesterol, and brain function.