Stay Young and Healthy With Yoga

Yoga can improve the way our organs function according to studies. It specifically stimulates the stem cells trafficking to blood surrounding it inside the bone marrow. Doing this technique helps reduce apoptosis, revive lost cells, delay the aging process, and reduce inflammation.

This ancient art has 37 million practitioners in the U.S in 2016 according to a survey done by Yoga Alliance. In 2012, it was just half as much with 20 million, which indicates that many people these days are into yoga.

According to studies, movements practiced in yoga – bending, twisting, and stretching – promotes the release of stem cells into the bone marrow and increases circulation. Once released, these stem cells travel to different parts of the body where it is used for repair.

Pranayama – a breathing exercise used in yoga – can create a short-term episode of hypoxia (an absence of oxygen) similar to intense exercise. This technique allows stems cells to be transported efficiently throughout the body. It also activates the beta cells which is needed in the production of insulin.

The authors of the study conducted say that:

“In diabetic patients, pranayama is likely to play a major role in activating beta cells for insulin production,”

With all the solid evidence backing them up, the researchers recommend yoga as a key to enhanced quality of life and longevity.

Why Get Into Yoga?

If you’re in doubt about the effectiveness of yoga, there are even more benefits your body can get when it practices this technique.

Better Bone Health

Your bones will greatly improve and even prevent fractures because many yoga postures require a lot of lifting your own weight. A study conducted at California State University showed that this technique raises the vertebrae’s bone density. It also helps retain bone calcium by reducing stress hormones.

Enhanced Posture

When your neck and back muscles work twice as much when your head is not directly balanced over your erect spine, making you feel more tired. If this goes on, you may soon experience problems with your neck, back and other joints and muscles and may even develop arthritis of the spine. Stretching and bending done in yoga can help you achieve that perfect posture.

Greater Flexibility

Yoga loosens the tense parts of your body. Muscles and connective tissues that are not flexible can result in poor posture. If you have tense hips, it can burden the joints in your knee because the shinbones and your thigh are not aligned. Yoga can fix these issues.

Keeps Cartilage And Joint Breakdown At Bay

When practicing yoga, your joints get into its full range of motion. This prevents disability and keeps arthritis away by “soaking and squeezing” parts of your cartilage that are not frequently used.

Stronger Immunity

When you stretch your muscles, the organs around it also moves. It also raises the drainage of lymph – a fluid rich in immune cells – that helps beat infection and cancer cells by getting rid of toxic wastes in your body.

Improved Muscle Strength

Strong muscles are not just for show. It also protects us from arthritis and back pain. It helps us build balance and keeps the elderly from falling into accidents. Yoga gives flexibility and strength that you won’t get by lifting weights in the gym.

Shields Your Spine

Spinal discs – which holds the vertebrae and spine together and absorbs shock between them. It needs movement so they get the proper nutrients they need. Twisting and bending repeatedly make for healthier discs.

Better Blood Circulation

Relaxation techniques done in yoga improves blood circulation, especially in the hands and feet. Twisting and bending squeezes out blood in the veins from internal organs letting oxygenated blood flow through it.

With all the benefits you can get from yoga, it’s time to get that yoga mat and start to twist and turn your body. You will reap its benefits in no time and will improve your quality of life for years to come.