Five All-Natural Alternatives To Five Hour Energy And Caffeine

A lot of people have been fooled into thinking that those little energy “shots,” given by energy drinks like Red Bull, are healthy as they have less caffeine. For you to know, they are not really good for you. There are other healthier options to choose from.

Here’s the truth you have to know: for every 1.93-ounce of energy shots, there are at least 4 ingredients that must be avoided:

  1. Artificial Flavors – are linked to thyroid disorders which in the long run can suppress your energy reserves. It is also known to cause allergies and behavioral issues.
  2. Sucralose – A study in 2009 by the consumer education group Citizens for Health found out that animals eating this harmful artificial sweetener had 50 percent less good bacteria in their intestines, increased body weight, and other abnormalities.
  3. Potassium Sorbate – a preservative that may cause migraines and allergic reactions in some people.
  4. Sodium Benzoate – this one deprives your cells of oxygen, particularly your mitochondrial cells. It can also cause essentials parts of the human DNA to “stop working.”

Natural Alternatives

Instead of drinking energy drinks, why not try these healthier options?

Peppermint Oil

This pure essential oil is pleasant, powerful, and refreshing. You can wear it as a perfume, dab it on the back of your neck, or drink it in your water. Studies have shown that the use of peppermint oil can increase brain oxygen concentration and respiratory rates and can also be helpful in augmenting cognitive memory, visual-motor response, and working memory.

Vitamin B12

Vegetarians and vegans are at higher risk of being B12 deficient. That’s why, if you don’t eat meat, be aware and have a high-quality supplement as vitamin B12 is very important for the nervous system.

Yerba Mate

Though it contains caffeine, yerba mate tea has a more balanced combination of compounds.

Camu Camu

Vitamin C is necessary for so many functions. It can help in the absorption of iron (preventing anemia), reduce fatigue, prevent colds, and lessen oxidative stress.

Moreover, it also aids in the synthesis of L-carnitine, which helps to transport fatty acids to the mitochondria – the powerhouses of our cells. A body lacking vitamin C is thought to experience fatigue because of its inability to complete this process.

Camu Camu is said to be the highest source of vitamin C (Acerola cherry, Amla berry, and Rose hips are also ranked quite high). If you think that you are not getting the necessary amounts of vitamin C, you can eat more organic fruits and veggies or take a natural non-GMO supplement.


Take time for yourself. Have a couple of minutes during your day for some mindfulness meditation.