Cold Shower Provides An Energy Boost Similar To Coffee, Improves Circulation And Productivity

What do you prefer when starting your day – a relaxing hot shower or an extremely cold shower? Well, based on studies, cold showers will make you more likely to go to work.

According to a Dutch study led by the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, employees who take cold showers in the morning “are significantly less likely to call in sick to work.”

Cold showers allegedly help toughen people up. It is also touted to improve circulation and the immune system. Animal studies imply that exposure to the cold enables them to release beta-endorphins “which make dealing with pain easier.”

With a cold shower, participants in the Dutch study have more energy when they start their day. The researchers shared that:

“Our findings show that routinely showering (hot-to) cold for at least 30 days resulted in a reduction of self-reported sick leave from work but not illness days in adults.”

People who took cold showers experienced an “energy boost” which had the same effect as the caffeine hit from a cup of coffee. One set of the participants showered warm water followed by a 30, 60, or 90-second blast of cold water and another group showered normally. The researchers discovered that those who had cold showers seemingly experienced “a small improvement in their quality of life.” On the other hand, some of the participants were reported “feeling persistently cold, particularly on their hand and feet.” Most of the participants stated that they would resume the cold showers. Two-thirds of the participants took cold showers daily in the 60 days that followed the three-day experiment.
Results showed that at least 29 percent of people who took cold showers were not as likely to call in sick. Those who exercised regularly and took cold showers were 54 percent less likely to take a sick day.

The authors stated:

“Cold bathing is a common custom in many parts of the world. Ever since the introduction of civilized bathing, humans have experimented with water temperature variation to expose the body to extreme condition. In ancient times, Roman bathing was based on the practice of moving through a series of heated rooms culminating in a cold plunge at the end. In modern times, the traditional ritual of the ‘frigidarium’ has been kept in most saunas and spas around the world.”

The Dutch researchers advocated the continued study of the benefits of taking cold showers. They stated:

“Even though the vast majority of participants reported a variable degree of discomfort during cold exposure, the fact that 91 percent of participants reported the will to continue such routine (and 64 percent actually did) is perhaps the most indicative of any health or work benefit.”

Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you take a cold shower:

Cold Showers Strengthen Immunity And Circulation 

Your overall blood circulation is improved with a cold shower thus, helps to prevent hypertension and hardening of arteries.

Cold Showers Can Burn Fat

If you want to lose weight, then have a cold shower. It activates the brown fat in your body, which generate heat to keep you warm by burning calories.

Cold Showers Energize You And Make You More Alert

Do you struggle with waking up in the morning? Then, a cold shower will help you feel energized.

Cold Showers Can Improve Your Hair And Skin

Taking cold showers can help in tightening your cuticles and pores to prevent clogging and help you with your acne. Cold water also closes your cuticles thereby, lessens the chance of dirt to accumulate in your scalp.

Cold Showers Help You Recover From Exercise

Just like athletes who take ice baths after training to lessen soreness, you can also take a cold shower after working out.