Best Low Carb and Healthy Snacks For Work

Every time people feel some crazy cravings or just want to kick out light hunger, they always go for some snacks. Having snacks are fun but there’s always that fear of gaining extra weight because of those additional calories.

Although there are a wide variety of snacks we can choose from, we also know that these snacks have drawbacks from indulging in it. The worst issues people tend to deal with in everyday life are health issues primarily because if you don’t put a very careful attention in this, it will put you in your early grave.

Being aware of what you eat can make a big difference in your life as a whole. So basically, there’s really no need to be scared of the possibility of getting diseases when you know what you should eat and what’s not. There are actually a lot of snacks that have low levels of carbohydrates that are considered harmless to your wellbeing.

Below Are Some Examples Of Low Carb Snacks:


Nuts are always a go-to snack. So if you want to have some healthy snack time, you certainly need to have some nuts with you always. Instead of candies, add nuts to your snack collection instead.
Nuts don’t harm your teeth and they are good for your heart. It contains omega-3 fatty acids which strengthen your heart. There are several types of nuts so make sure to pick ones that are healthier. Cashew nuts and almost are considered the best.

Full-fat Yogurt

Although the name says “full-fat”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get fat from eating this. As a matter of fact, this kind of yogurt does the opposite, mainly because of it low levels of sugar in it.
The full-fat yogurt has linoleic acid that can help reduce belly fat and boost the increase of muscle mass, according to scientists.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Another easy but healthy snack to carry in with you is hard-boiled eggs. It contains essential minerals like sodium and potassium and contains little amount of carbohydrates.

Protein Shake

If you think protein shakes are only for bodybuilders, then you’re mistaken. Anyone can take protein shakes, especially those who want to stay away from heavy meals. It has been proven that protein helps increase muscle mass and it also boosts the body’s metabolism.

Always bring with you your protein shake if you want something for your weight loss.

Sugar-free Chocolate

Chocolates are one of the major reasons for tooth decay and other health problems in the world. However, if you really love eating chocolates but have fears that you may get diseases caused by processed sugars, you can substitute it with sugar-free chocolates.

These sugar-free chocolates have high levels of cocoa that make them contain low levels of carbohydrates.


Consuming those low carb snacks mentioned above are like killing two birds with one stone; you get to eat healthy and enjoy the delicacy. It also helps in reducing several health problems linked to consumption of refined sugars and high carbs. With this information provided in this article, you can now indulge in your snacks in a healthy and nutritious way.