Ways To Lower Your Cancer Risk

When talking about cancer, no magic can prevent it as well as “killer app” that can immediately keep you healthy. Though you try to live a perfectly healthy life, there were still be possibilities that you may develop cancer as genetics play a big role in it.

However, researchers estimate that at least one-third of adult cancer cases are linked to lifestyle – which is within your control. This means that you can cut your cancer risk with simple choices you are making every day.

Here are the healthiest habits you can try to develop to prevent or lessen your chance of cancer.

1. Be Smoke-Free

In the U.S., lung cancer kills more men and women than any other cancer (about 160,000 people every year or approximately 28 % of all cancer deaths). A huge portion of those deaths is due to smoking.
In addition to this, smoking has also been linked to more than dozens of different cancers. To sum it all, it accounts for 30% of all cancer deaths. This has been the reason why the biggest anti-cancer step you can take is to stop smoking, or never start it as well.

Smokers who cut back from 20 cigarettes per day to less than 10 per day an reduce their lung cancer risk by 27%. It might be a good step, but it would be great if you quit smoking for your health’s sake.

Furthermore, strong indicators also show that exposure to secondhand smoke is also related to lung cancer. That’s why don’t let your child ride home regularly with someone who smokes or avoids spending a night out in a smoke-filled club.

2. Bust A Move

According to a number of studies, physical activities can cut your risk of many common cancers by 30% to 50%. Any kind of exercise may do. Just have a goal of cutting down your weight to a healthy range along with an increased intake of fruits and vegetables.

3. Don’t Weight

Aside from being not good for the heart, carrying too much weight is also a major risk factor for cancer. Obesity is the main reason behind 14 % of cancer deaths as well as 3% of new cancer cases every year.

As much as possible, stay lean and within a healthy weight range. Physical activities, food, and nutrition affect cancer and cancer prevention. Obesity has been linked to a wide variety of cancers which include breast, endometrial, kidney, esophageal, gallbladder and pancreatic cancer.

4. Drop The Drink

Plenty of evidence shows that alcohol intake, particularly red wine, may be beneficial to heart health.
But on the flipside of the story, it seems that alcohol consumption can raise your risk of cancer.

There is no safe level of alcohol for cancer. The more you drink, the greater is your chance for certain cancers like those of the esophagus, throat, and mouth.

5. Shake Off Stress

There is no certain evidence showing stress as a factor for cancer. However, stress can lead people to engage in unhealthy habits just to cope up with it.

If you’re stressed and you tend to overeat, smoke or drink then, you raise your cancer risk. You must instead find healthy ways like journaling, exercise, and meditation to cope up with stress.

6. Plant Your Plate

There are different foods that may help you prevent certain types of cancer such as watermelon, tomatoes, and other foods with lycopene content. Pieces of evidence show that these foods can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

But if your main target is to lessen your risk of many cancers then, load your plate with plants, especially non-starchy fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains — at least 14 ounces every day.

7. Dig Your Roots

Know your family health histories in detail. This can be the key to cutting down your cancer risk as well as catching it early.