Health Benefits of Acupressure

Acupressure is practiced widely all over the world. It is a body-based therapy that involves an application of light pressure on certain points or areas on the body that corresponds to various muscles and organs. It is based on the belief that the entire body is made-up of essential energy called chi’ or ‘qui’, which flows through the body alongside with invisible ‘meridians’ or lines. Once these meridians are blocked, the body manifests a disease. Acupressure helps in unblocking those areas. Moreover, it also aids the body to function at its best by correcting flaws in the internal organs.

Helps Faster Healing

Acupressure can help you heal faster if you are suffering from illnesses. It is known to promote circulation of the blood, release muscular tension, and improve the body’s life force energy to aid healing.

Tones Facial Muscles

Acupressure can help tone the muscles of the face, helps in the production of collagen and stimulate blood flow. These actions help beats sign of aging and tone your face.

Relieves Pain

Once pressure is applied at the point corresponding to the area of the body that is aching, the body releases the blockages in that area and increases the blood circulation – this helps relieve pain.

Makes You Calmer

The practice of acupressure helps your mind function better. Your body is capable of handling stress once all your meridians are unblocked – this was the belief in Chinese Medicine.

Promotes Proper Circulation Of Blood

Acupressure can help promote circulation of the blood if used properly. Applying pressure on certain points may open and activate the flow of blood in the blood vessels present below the skin. Increased blood flow will help body organs regenerate and function optimally.

Reduces The Need For OTC Drugs

For centuries, acupressure was known as the best remedy for common ailments like cold, sinusitis, and headache. This practice helps relieve the pain and reduce headaches, thus reducing the need for over-the-counter medicines.

Makes You Better At Sex

It is believed that an imbalance of ‘qi’ energy within the organ system can cause a lagging libido. Moreover, this energy is the one that maintains the health of the heart and kidney. With the help of acupressure, these systems are maintained in proper functions, thus, helping you maintain a good sex life.

Release Muscular Tension

Acupressure stimulates the action nerves feeding the muscles, therefore, relieving muscle tension. Moreover, it also helps lessen stress levels and relaxes the entire body.