Top 10 Proudly Pinoy-Owned Farms Where You Can Buy Organic Products And Enjoy Farm Stays

We all know that most of the products sold in the market today contain harmful chemicals. Many of us opt to go a safer route by going green as well as carefully selecting what food to eat and products to buy.

Battling a certain disease like cancer can really be so hard, and in order to prevent a particular disease, many of us, “Pinoys”, are going gaga over organic foods. Most of us are becoming more aware that consumption of these foods would give our body more nutrients and also, it tastes better and don’t introduce unnatural substances into our system.

For an organic food to be considered as a “genuine organic food”, only natural substances must have gone into it. Organic poultry and meat are made from chicken, pigs or cows that have not been injected with hormones and have been fed only natural feeds. Also, for fruits and vegetables, only natural fertilizers have been used.

These conditions make organic food more expensive. It’s not just about the supply and demand for it. Without chemicals, fruits and vegetable require more time to grow. The yield is not as much as if they were stimulated by chemicals. As compared to chemically-helped plants that grow all year round, organic foods can only be harvested when they are in season.

Organic foods are now widely available in supermarkets and groceries. But if you wanted to see how these chemical-free foods are produced, you can personally visit these organic farms and their store outlets.

In these farms, you’ll witness how the animals and farm crops are cultivated with love and fed with organic food and fertilizer to create a chemical-free and self-sustaining source of nutritious foods.

Here Are The Top 10 Pinoy-Owned Organic Farms You Need To Visit On YOur Next Family Getaway

Leonie Agri Corporation (LAC)

LAC farm produces the raw material for Ascof Lagundi organic cough medicine by Pascual Laboratories. The farm sits on a 42-hectare agricultural land where the pesticide-free lagundi leaves are cultivated, harvested, and processed. LAC is currently recognized as the largest and first certified organic farm in the Philippines.

Contact No. (044) 965 2134
Location: 441 Liwayway, Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija
Fax No. (044) 965 2135

Pecuaria Development Cooperative Inc. (PDCI)

The cooperative produces and markets bio-organic fertilizers and organic rice. It is also involved in providing organic rice production training, input loan and certification inclusion. Some of its organic rice varieties include Pigmented Rice (great for those with hypertension and diabetes) and Pecuaria Healthy Rice (90% full grain, unpolished).

Contact No. (054) 478 2337; 0917 5253406
Location: Pecuaria, Lanipga, Bula, Camarines Sur
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Green Earth Heritage Foundation

Dr. Mylene Matti founded Green Heritage Foundation in May 2009. It produces organic vegetables, crops, and fruits, and also markets moringa tea. As it operates a farm and charity that sponsors kids, the foundation also actively participates in applying sustainable agricultural practices and environmental preservation projects.

Location: 1723 Dian St., Palanan, Makati, Philippines 1235
Email: [email protected]

Costales Nature Farms

Aside from producing organic crops and vegetables, Costales farm also offers organic farm lessons and farm tour packages. It is the primary supplier of organic high-value eggs, herbs, vegetables, pork and poultry meat for some famous hotels, resorts, groceries, and restaurants in the country.

Contact No. (049) 5763824
Location: Costales Nature Farms Training Center, Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna
Email: [email protected]

Ato Belen’s Farm

This farm mainly grows fruit trees and has more than 2,000 of high-value fruit trees including avocado, mango, rambutan, durian, lanzones, and black pepper. Crops of High value are intercropped with vegetables and other lower value crops in order to maximize production. In addition to this, it also sells organic farming solutions like vermicast, African nightcrawlers and Lactic Acid Serum (LAS). Every month, various groups of preschoolers, organic farm enthusiasts, and agriculture students visit the farm to learn sustainable agriculture and farming techniques.

Contact No. (049) 562 1215; (63) 917 676 1915 (Sales); (63) 917 676 1908 (Marketing)
Location: Brgy. San Juan, San Pablo City, Laguna
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday at 8am – 4pm

Kahariam Realty & Farms

Kahariam Farms started as a backyard garden to supply the family’s nutritional needs. The hobby of farming blossomed into an organic farming business. At present, it is now producing volumes of organic rice, eggs, poultry meat, and vegetables. It has become a great place for farm tours, team building activities and farm stays as it has conference halls, swimming pool, hotel rooms and dormitories and recreational activities. Five different agricultural seminars were also offered by the farms which include range organic chicken and egg production and organic vermicast production and utilization.

Location: Brgy. Calamias, Lipa City Batangas
Contact No. 772 2951; (63) 918 83000190
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

My Personal Farmer

My Personal Farmer was established in 1975 by businessperson John Paul Perrine who had a passion for planting trees and other plants on his home property. It produces organic vegetables, honey, coffee, herbs, and turmeric supplement. It also breeds horses and offers guests natural horsemanship demonstration along with farming lessons. The farm offers a 2-hour tour to a month-long farm stays for guests who would like to visit and experience a farm life.

Contact No. (63) 915 960 0358 (Veggies); (63) 915 250 6486 (Turmeric & Honey); (63) 917 879 8669 (Tours )
Location: Sankanan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Mindanao
Email: [email protected]

Benevelle Corporation

Employed with local farmers, this company has become famous for its Benevita Coco Sugar and Benevita Coco Nectar. The owner Mr. Jenery Lim markets their products in gourmet shops and selected supermarkets.

Contact No. (02) 711 1884
Location: Brgy. Sinawal, General Santos City, South Cotabato
Office: 84-F Ktanlad Street, Quezon City
Email: [email protected]

Laguna Organic Farm and Products

Laguna Organic Farm and Products was established in 1987 by Engr. Herminio Ocba from Matalom, Leyte. It markets organic products to popular supermarkets and groceries like Sm, Shopwise, and Rustans. Aside from this, the farm also supplies products internationally to U.S., Europe and hopefully to Australia.

Contact No. (02)9865954 & (049) 4115174 (fax)
Location: 515 Emerald St. Nepa Subdivision San Vicente, Binan, Laguna

Prosource International Inc.

Prosource International is the maker of ProSource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil marketed in the USA and other locations.

The company believes that natural coconut products must be processed and delivered to market as fresh as possible. It also manufactures other coconut products such as coconut cream, coconut water, coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut milk, coconut cooking oil, desiccated coconut, coconut sauce and coconut nectar.

Contact No. (02) 727 3948 / 727 3766
Location: Suite 20-D, Platinum 2000 Bldg., 7 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City 1502
Email: [email protected]

Most of these farms offer training and seminars regarding organic farming. You can also have a staycation complete with farm accommodation as well as delicious servings of organic food. Share this list with your friends and have fun eating organic!