Reasons Why Some Health Workers and Nurses Across the U.S Refused The Mandatory Vaccines (Flu Shots)

The Truth Behind Flu Shot Mandates for Healthcare Workers

Doctors are the ones you only trust when you are injured, sick or just in need of a check-up as they can provide you valid evidence-based advice about what’s best for your health.

But what if you learned that, without your consent or knowledge, a flu vaccine or any vaccine was given to your child or to your loved one in the hospital at a time when it is contraindicated for his or her condition? What if you found out that your healthcare providers were also force-vaccinated just to stay employed and the hospital’s policies were motivated by financial incentives for those who make and enforce them?

These questions were answered by parents, patients, and healthcare workers that will make you think first the next time you are faced with vaccine decisions.

Uncovering the Facts Behind Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

A 36-year career board-certified internal medicine practitioner in Maine named Dr. Meryl Nass has written comprehensively about vaccine safety and policy. Some of her well-known works include those with hundreds of Gulf War Veterans who became ill after receiving the anthrax vaccine and uncovering new information about a nationally imposed flu vaccine policy for health workers.

Dr. Nass found out that the Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) established by Medicare and organizations like the National Quality Forum, were created to enforce policies that were selected as “quality improvement” measures whether or not they lower costs or improve care. They were alternate measures to get institutions to either comply or lose millions of dollars in reimbursement. The more patients and employees vaccinated, the higher the reimbursement rate.

In Dr. Nass’ recent article, she wrote about the seven health workers in Erie, PA who were fired after refusing a flu vaccine. They won an EEOC settlement of $300,000, reinstated, received back pay and compensatory damages.

Also, in a story covered by a local newspaper, it features the Saint Vincent who violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it fired the six workers, who refused to be vaccinated after the hospital implemented a mandatory flu vaccination policy for all employees. Actually, this is a transactional policy wherein mandates are being forced upon employees so that the hospitals will obtain financial gain. By using autonomy and practitioners’ health, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement are increased and this will determine whether a certain hospital has a profit and loss when margins are slim.

Story #1: Child Secretly Given Flu Shot Without Mother’s Consent

The mother of a 6-month old infant –who still recovering from a cold and runny nose –decided that she didn’t want her child to get a flu vaccine. Though she gives consent to other recommended vaccines, she wanted to skip those she did not feel were necessary. Her older child had never received flu shots but still remained healthy. So, she was confident enough as an adult, who never get a flu shot as well, that she was making the right decision.

However, upon checking her child’s vaccine record, she found out that even though her baby was sick, he was given a thimerosal-containing flu vaccine without her consent or knowledge. She asked the pediatrician why it had happened, he said that it was approved by CDC and that the flu vaccine was on the recommended schedule, he could give it whether the parent asked for it or not.

And now, her son is on the autism spectrum. Her two children who did not receive the vaccine are neurotypical. That’s why, if it is your policy as a parent to avoid flu shots, make sure to have a specific conversation with your pediatrician.

Story #2: Nursing Student Forced to Change Careers Over Flu Shot

In order to graduate, a nursing student was required to participate in a clinical practice.
However, she was forced to get a flu shot before undertaking the medical training. She then reported that:

“I was forced to get a flu shot, which I later found out contained mercury, and I felt sick from it for over a year. I had unexplained fevers on and off, approximately every two weeks. I did a detox treatment aimed at removing the mercury which seemed to resolve my symptoms. I knew I wanted to become pregnant soon and did not want to put my health or that of my unborn child at risk, so I switched careers to avoid having to get the flu shot again.”

This student was forced to switch careers which means abandoning her hard-earned education as well as her dreams. Most medical professionals are over a barrel when it comes to refusing a certain policy that could cost them their job if they refuse. They must choose between complying or the considerable financial and emotional consequences of fighting for their health freedom.

Story #3: Hospital Owner Understands Danger of Flu Vaccine but Keeps Policy Anyway for Funding

An owner of five small hospitals discussed issues regarding flu vaccines. Following the mandate, he required all his employees to be vaccinated. Likewise, he also took the flu vaccine. After that, he was having a high employee absentee rate as he presumed that his employees had gotten sick after getting vaccinated.

And because the hospital owner was also terribly ill after his flu vaccine, he decided the following year that he would no longer risk himself but will still continue to require that his employees be vaccinated. Again, he noticed the high absentee rate of his employees yet, he remained healthy that winter.

Story #4: Nursing Professor Becomes Disabled from Mandatory Flu Vaccine

A victim of a mandatory flu shot revealed the consequences of her decision that ended in a tragedy. Within a month of receiving the vaccine, the nursing professor experienced loss of sight, the ability to walk and normal functions of internal organs. After a stroke, she becomes permanently paralyzed and spent 18 months in the hospitals as well as several months in rehab facilities. Aside from this, she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome which left her with nerve and brain damage and intense pain that lasted for three more years.

She further revealed that 7 out of 8 other patients in her intensive care room were also suffering the same adverse response from the flu shot. Doctors are required to report these kinds of incidences, but they rarely do it.

Will This Mandatory Flu Vaccine Policy Prevail?

Across the country, efforts which include public advocacy, legal actions, charitable giving to education and research organizations, private actions of individuals and groups and alternative media coverage are all effecting change and protecting the public against health system run amok.

The medical community suspects these mandates to be harming those with an inflammatory reaction to a vaccine which could result in a disease or a condition far worse than the flu. Such conditions may be permanent or have no cure.

Though the new leaders of the Department of Health and Human Services inspire a reason to be hopeful, the public must still be aware and also take a stand against policies that create profit for the few at the expense of many. Moreover, media must also be encouraged to do its job and expose this coercive and unfair vaccination practice.