Chuck Norris Sues 11 Pharmaceutical Companies For Poisoning His Wife

Chuck Norris is popularly known as an action star. Some of his famous shows were Walker Texas Ranger and Martial Law. He usually fights on the bad guys and always wins. Now, he faces one of the biggest fights of his life.

Chuck Norris and his wife Gena are suing 11 pharmaceutical giants according to the recent reports of Daily Mail. Since undergoing three MRI scans to assess her rheumatoid arthritis five years ago, Gena claims that she had been fighting pain, weakness, and exhaustion. Her family believes that she is suffering from Gadolinium Deposition Disease – this is a condition triggered by the gadolinium dye used in MRI scan.

Gadolinium dye, when injected into the body, enhances and improves the quality of MRI images or pictures. This allows the radiologist to more accurately report on how the body’s working or if there is any abnormality or disease present.

According to the American College of Radiology, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other organizations, MRIs are safe and can provide“crucial, life-saving information.” Furthermore, its manufacturers insist that it can be quickly flushed out of the body. However, independent studies conducted are in contrast. Researchers found out that gadolinium can stay behind the skin, bones, and brain for a longer period of time. Also, an increasing number of people are insisting that MRIs have caused a long-term and serious harm to their health.

Some of the symptoms of this condition are as follows:

  1. Skin changes, including hyperpigmentation and lesions
  2. Problems in the nose, ear, and throat areas
  3. Swelling of the extremities
  4. Muscular issues, including weakness and twitching
  5. Vision and other ocular problems
  6. Low body temperature
  7. A pricking, tingling or burning pain felt deep in the bones, generally in the extremities, joints or the area where the MRI occurred
  8. Cognitive issues
  9. Thinning hair
  10. Skin itching
  11. Problems with balance

Patients would start experiencing these symptoms within an hour or within a month of their MRI scan. These can be frightening as oftentimes, nothing is visible on the outside of the body. Patient’s emotional and mental health can also be affected. Norris says that he has spent over $2 million on medical treatments as well as stem cell therapy in order to deal with his wife’s unbearable symptoms.

Gena told the Mail that:

“Unfortunately, litigation is the only course of action we can take to hold the drug companies accountable for threatening the lives of so many innocent people who undergo MRIs. These companies continue to say that there is no link between gadolinium and adverse events, even though the evidence is overwhelming that this heavy metal stays in the body for years, rather than hours.”

The law firm representing Chuck and Gena Norris is the Cutter Law. It has filed legal actions against 11 different pharmaceutical companies involved in the manufacturing of gadolinium dye and this includes McKesson and Bracco. According to Todd Walburg, one of Norris’ attorneys, Gadolinium Deposition Disease is both misdiagnosed and undiagnosed.

As quoted by the Daily Mail:

“The Norris’ lawsuit acknowledges no official, publicly stated link between gadolinium and symptoms reported by people who believe the metal has affected their health. But that’s in part because blood and urine testing for gadolinium only became available recently and most doctors were not aware of any disease that was associated with gadolinium other than the one that affects people with kidney problems, the lawsuit said.”

Furthermore, the lawsuit asserts that manufacturers of the dye are aware that it can harm one’s health, however, they choose to keep the public in the dark. Norris’ family is seeking $10 million in damages.

Here’s A Video Of One Of Their Interviews Regarding The Matter