Peppermint As Natural Remedy For Cough

At these present times, we need to boost our immunity to lower our risk of having illnesses. Having runny noses, painful sore throats, and wracking coughs that can keep us up all night can generally make us feel miserable. Due to this, we opt to find natural remedies that can help us get to feel better quickly. Trying out an herbal is a good option.

The leaves of peppermint are famous for their healing properties. They contain menthol which acts as a decongestant, soothes or numb scratchy throat and helps in breaking down mucus (1).

The herb has been found to possess antimicrobial, antioxidant, and pain-relieving properties that may help ease clogged sinuses, reduce cough, and make it easier for us to breathe (2,3).

In a study published in 2008, experts have concluded that inhalation of menthol does not actually relieve symptoms, but individuals who inhale it feel better anyway (4).

Results of a 2013 study revealed that the use of peppermint oil can help relax the muscles of the windpipe, known as the bronchial muscles thus easing breathing in people with coughs (5,6).

We can either drink peppermint tea or inhale peppermint vapors.

How To Make Peppermint Tea?

From fresh leaves: Having fresh mint leave gives an alluring herbal aroma and flavor. We need to add 15 peppermint leaves to 2 cups of boiled water. Allow it to steep for about 5 minutes depending on desired strength. Strain before drinking.

From premade tea: We can purchase peppermint tea online or at a local grocery, health store. Simply follow the product instructions to make the tea.

Note: If serving iced, fill tall glasses with ice and pour the tea over. If serving hot, pour the tea into mugs. Garnish with optional lemon slices and/or lemon juice to taste.

How To Inhale Peppermint Vapor?

Inhale peppermint vapors from a steam bath. Make a steam bath by adding 3 or 4 drops of peppermint oil for every 5 ounces of hot water. We need to simply drape a towel over our head, and take deep breaths directly above the water.

Peppermint oil can also be used by diluting it in boiling water and inhaling the steam; or adding it to a diffuser or in a blend of tropical oils.




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