Mango Leaf Tea: Its Benefits And How To Make It

Mango leaves have abundant nutrients that may help us deal with numerous illnesses. Enjoying a cup of tea made from these leaves can help us enjoy most of the benefits that it can offer.

Packed With Vitamins

Used in making mango tea, mango leaves are loaded with significant amounts of vitamin A, B, and C. Mango tea can help us eat, sleep, live healthier, and maintain an optimum level of vitamins and minerals in our diet (1).

Immune System Booster

This benefit is mainly attributed to its vitamin A and vitamin C content which both function as antioxidants in this tea. Together with other phytonutrients and phenolic compounds, these important components can help reduce the strain on the immune system and prevent a number of infections and pathogens (2).

Helps Promote Digestive Health

Results of a study revealed that regular consumption of mango tea can help stimulate normal digestion and regular bowel movements leading to a lowered risk of constipation and other gastrointestinal issues (3).

May Help In Managing Symptoms Of Diabetes

Mango leaf may help manage diabetes due to its effects on fat metabolism. Studies revealed that elevated triglyceride levels are often associated with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes (4).

In research, experts found that significantly lowered triglyceride and blood sugar levels are experienced by mice after giving them mango leaf extract for 2 weeks (5).

A separate study showed that rats who were given mango leaf extract had significantly lower blood sugar levels than those who were given oral diabetes drug glibenclamide (6).

Helps Manage Blood Pressure

Mango and its active components can help suppress blood pressure and the same is true of this fruit tea.

Results of a study showed that its vitamin A, B, and C can help in balancing our metabolism and prevent symptoms of hypertension (7).

How To Make A Mango Leaf Tea?

Bring a saucepan of water to boil. Add 3 tablespoons of dried mango leaves to a tea infuser or teapot and allow the leaves to steep for approximately 5 minutes. Strain the leaves and add some honey and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice for added taste and benefits.

We can allow the tea to cool and add some ice cubes if we wish it cold. Also, refrigerating the tea and then having it chilled is another great way of enjoying its goodness and benefits.

Some mango tea bags can also be used instead of dried mango leaves.