Yerba Buena: A DOH Approved Medicinal Plant That Helps The Body In Many Ways

Yerba Buena is a vine used as an analgesic to relieve body aches and pain. It can be taken internally as a decoction or externally by pounding the leaves and applied directly to the afflicted area (1). The herb has been grown throughout the world from North America to Asia. It is known for its minty flavor and is often used in salads and as a flavor for cooking foods as well as for scents and fragrances.

This aromatic herb from the mint family has been found to contain pulegone, menthol, menthene, methenolone, and limonene. It has been used traditionally as an herbal medicine for the treatment of many ailments (2).

Aids In Digestion

Yerba Buena tea can help relax the gastrointestinal tract, which will ease digestion and can reduce flatulence. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help balance the pH levels of the stomach and soothe inflammation that causes constipation and diarrhea (3).

Helps Relieve Pain

The herb has analgesic properties that can provide pain relief when taken internally or applied topically. It can be recommended for people recovering from an injury or illness or suffering from arthritis, gout, headache, and other body and joint pains (4).

Respiratory Help

A few glasses of Yerba Buena tea each day can help eliminate infections as well as reduce phlegm and mucus found in our respiratory tracts (5).

Helps Boost Immunity

Being rich in catechins and polyphenolic compounds, the tea can help fight bacterial and viral pathogens (6).

Preparation & Use:

Here’s how we can enjoy Yerba Buena’s health benefits (7)(4):

  1. Wash fresh Yerba Buena leaves in running water. Chop to size for dried leaves, crush) and boil 2 teaspoons of leaves in a glass of water. Boil in medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. As an analgesic, take a cupful every3 hours.
  3. Gather fresh leaves of yerba Buena. Pound or cut the leaves. Extract the juice. Apply or massage over to the affected area as may be needed. For the Yerba Buena inhaler, put 4 to 5 drops of Yerba Buena oil or 10 fresh leaves in a bowl of water. Let it boil. Inhale the vapor.