Constipated? Try Coconut Oil

There are many reasons behind constipation. These include lack of adequate water and fluid intake, lack of fiber in the diet, eating too much junk foods, eating dairy foods in large amounts, sedentary lifestyle, depression, pregnancy, and even aging.

Though there are readily available over-the-counter medicines and laxatives that we can use, some of us still look for natural treatment to find relief from constipation. When it comes to natural remedies, coconut oil is a potent solution for this condition.

Coconut oil is an affordable, all-year-round available home remedy. Being one of the best natural laxatives, coconut oil can help us get relief from constipation. Adding coconut oil to our meals can help increase metabolism thus cleansing our body of excess waste, boost the energy of the intestinal cells, and help food pass more quickly and with ease through the body. This makes us have frequent, smaller, and softer stool movements out of our bodies. Its fibrous nature and medium-chain fatty acids are the ones that play a pivotal role in these effects.

Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Constipation Relief

With Warm Water: Mix ½ – 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in warm water and drink it 30 minutes before every meal.

With Turmeric And Ginger: In a half cup of water, mix coconut oil with ginger and turmeric in the proportion of 1: ½: ½. Have this mixture before going to bed in order to help clear bowels and have that light comfortable feeling the next day.

With Juice: Mix ½ tablespoon of coconut oil in freshly squeezed fruit juice. Consume it 30 minutes before every meal.

Other than coconut oil, other parts of coconut can also help us get relief from constipation. Coconut meat and coconut water are also good sources of natural fiber that can help ease problems with the bowel movement.


Coconut oil should be taken along with food or at least followed by intake of food to help fight constipation as it helps to make your poop movement watery and soft. Never ingest coconut oil on an empty stomach as this could lead to cramps and diarrhea.