Black Plum (Duhat) And Its Amazing Health Benefits

Black plum is a tropical fruit that is high in nutrient content and has many health benefits for the body. In deep purple hue, this wonderful fruit has a sweet and sour taste. One black plum contains about 1.41 mg of iron, 15 mg of calcium, and 18 mg of vitamin C. It is also a rich source of B vitamins.

Below are some of the amazing health benefits we can obtain from eating black plums.

Helps Keep The Heart Healthy

Black plum contains high amounts of potassium which is extremely beneficial for our hearts. Consumption of the fruit may help lower our blood pressure, keep our arteries healthy and prevent its hardening, and lower our risk heart diseases and stroke. Per 100 grams of black plum contains around 55 mg of potassium.

Helps Treat Skin Related Problems

Because of its richness in vitamin C, black plum is useful in treating skin problems including dark spots, oily skin, and acne. For this remedy, simply make a paste out of this fruit and apply it on the face. Its juice can also be mixed with honey and apply it on the skin. Doing this regularly will help us achieve glowing, acne-free skin, and young-looking skin.

Helps In Managing Symptoms Of Diabetes

The fruit has a low glycemic index and has anti-diabetic properties. It can help in converting starch into energy and keep our blood sugar in control. Consumption of it reduces symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination and excessive thirst. Aside from the fruit, the decoction of the bark and powdered seeds of black plum is also good for diabetic patients.

Helps Improve Hemoglobin Count

Being rich in iron and vitamin C, black plum may help increase our hemoglobin count. This enables our blood to carry more oxygen to the organs and keep us healthy. Iron also helps in purifying our blood.

A Healthy Fruit Especially For Women

Aside from purifying the blood, black plum consumption may also treat menstrual problems and reduce cramps during menstrual periods. It also regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Ways to Consume Black Plum

  1. The fruit can simply be added in our fruit salads
  2. Consume it in the form of vinegar or juice.
  3. Make black plum milkshakes and smoothies
  4. Mix one spoon of black plum with water and drink it.