Health Benefits And Medicinal Uses Of Calamansi Leaves

Calamansi (Philippine Lime) is a citrus plant that has many uses – from cooking purposes to beauty and health products. In some countries, this plant is famously known as calamondin or Citrofortunella. It has been grown in Asia especially the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia and has numerous health benefits that have been known around the world.

The fruit of calamansi is like a smaller version of dalandan or orange.  Its green color turns to yellow when it became ripen and has a strong sour taste. Its leaves smell good and the seeds taste bitter when bitten. Citrus fruit like calamansi is loaded with vitamins especially Vitamin C that has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits. Meanwhile, its leaves are also packed with certain properties that are beneficial to human health.

Here Are Some Of The Known Uses Of Calamansi Leaves

Help Relieve Itching from Insect Bites

Insect bites are really itchy. Some people even hurt their skin when dealing with itchiness. In order to relieve the itchy feeling, we can simply rub calamansi leaves on the insect bite. But remember that those with an allergy to essential oils should not try this one as the leaves will only worsen the condition.

Wipe Off Smelly Hands

Having smelly hands but water and soap are not available? Well, we can try some calamansi leaves. Rubbing the leaves on our hands can wipe away that unnecessary smell

A Natural Alternative to Deodorant

Some people may be allergic to deodorants that are sold in the market. They may be looking for some natural alternatives to deal with their body smell. We can use calamansi leaves for this purpose. This will only require us to rub some of the leaves on our armpit and we are ready to face the long day ahead.

Possesses Antifungal properties

Traditionally, calamansi leaves have been used by many due to its antifungal properties. It can be used in treating skin diseases caused by fungi.

Home Aromatherapy

Calamansi leaves can be used to provide natural fragrance to our homes. For this purpose, we need to tear some calamansi leaves and then combine them with crushed leaves of dried pandan and lemongrass. Place them in the bowl and have them in the corner of the house.