Help Fight Hyperacidity With Basil Leaves

Hyperacidity makes a person feel uncomfortable mainly because of the gas in the stomach and heartburn. Some of the reasons behind this include a long gap between meals, empty stomach or excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, and smoking. This condition can easily be solved with the help of some known herbal remedies.

Basil Against Hyperacidity

Basil is one of the oldest herbs known to mankind. Its strong medicinal and healing properties are well-known across the world. Also, due to the smell and flavor of its leaves, as well as its ability to preserve and enhance the properties of the food, it has been used in a variety of culinary preparations.
This herb has a lot to offer when it comes to improving our overall health. One of its known uses is to get rid of stomach acidity.

Basil leaves have a certain substance that possesses soothing and carminative properties that can give instant relief from acid reflux in the stomach and esophageal lining. Because of this, it can help treat irritation and sores, protect the stomach against harmful effects of acidity, and prevent the foods and acids from regurgitating back up into the esophagus and throat.

There are several ways to use basil to control acidity. Check out below:

  1. Get instant relief from acidity, gas, and even nausea by chewing basil leaves directly.
  2. At the first sign of gas, boil 3-4 leaves in a cup of water and let it simmer for a few minutes. Sip on it frequently.
  3. Use dried basil to make a tea. Place a tablespoon of it in a teabag and then place it in a cup of boiling water and steep until the desired strength is achieved. Discard the basil after doing so.
  4. Whenever possible, add fresh or dried basil to foods or make a basil-infused, olive oil mix in the blender and use it to season any food.

Other Benefits We Can Obtain From Basil Leaves

  1. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties due to its powerful essential oils, including eugenol, citronellol, and linalool. This may help lower the risk of heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel conditions.
  2. Has strong detox properties that do wonders for the liver.
  3. Cleanse the skin from within
  4. Diabetes Management. It has a very low glycemic load and helps cut down triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which is a persistent risk factor amongst diabetics.
  5. Restore the body’s natural pH levels and feeds healthy bacteria within the gut microflora.