Things We Commonly Do That Leads To Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

Many of us are becoming more aware of hair loss and thinning of hair as we age. We must know that there are a few bad habits that might be causing our hair to fall. As early as we can, we need to stop these behaviors.

Taking Hot Showers

Yes, hot showers have magical powers that benefit our health. However, we should avoid rinsing hair with hot water. It dehydrates strands and scalp thus stripping its natural oil and leading to dry and brittle hair that is more prone to fall out or breakage. As much as possible, opt for lukewarm water and rinse hair with the coolest temperature.

Crash Diet

Want to have thick, gorgeous hair? Avoid a crash diet. Starving oneself forces the body to direct its energy (the little it has) towards essential functions-like helping your heart and brain work-rather than making hair. Opt for more healthy foods like lentils, fish, eggs, and meat to maintain a healthy hair.

Neglecting It

Aside from just shampooing and conditioning a day, our hair also needs a good spa day from time to time. Have the habit of trimming hair ends regularly and give it occasional hydrating masques of nutrient and vitamin-rich ingredients like avocado, honey, and seaweed.

Excessive Hairstyling Products

There are many hair products in the market that promises to keep the locks intact. However, due to their high alcohol content, they can make the hair dry and brittle. Its residue can cause hair to break and fall once one combs or brushes their hair. It’s best to give the hair a break and try natural home-made recipes instead.

Combing Wet Hair

When hair is wet, it is more fragile and prone to breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb or let the hair air-dry first before doing any form of styling.

Coloring And Treating It

Having a monthly trip to the salon and treating the hair often makes the hair subjected to heat and harsh chemicals that make them start to thin out.

Keeping Hair Pulled Back In Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyle causes damages to the roots and scalp which loosens hair follicles. For those people out there who loves a tightly pulled back bun or ponytail, it’s time to change that style and make a more relax hairstyles.

Ignoring Underlying Problems

Thinning and falling hair may be caused by an underlying problem at work, such as dandruff or undetected scalp psoriasis. See to it that these conditions are treated in order to give the hair a better shot at getting healthy.