Opt For More Spices: They Have Enchanting Health Benefits

At present, a lot of people are adding various spices to their drinks and meals due to the numerous health benefits they can offer to the body. Increasing the use of spices is one way of limiting our use of salt, sugar, and fats that have taken over as the dominant flavorings in most of today’s food.

Here some of the especially stellar spices we can incorporate into our diet more:


For thousands of years, cinnamon has been a staple of much more than just sweet dishes. It contains high amounts of antioxidants, aids in burning fats, protect brain functionality, and helps cure inflammation. It can be used as an ingredient in apple pies, cinnamon rolls, and lattes.

Black Pepper

Apart from adding flavor to various dishes, black pepper creates heat in the body that works to liven up the digestive fire, thus helping the body to break down food easily. Moreover, this spice also has antioxidant and cleansing effects, help lower cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar, and have cancer-fighting properties.


Cumin is a popular spice that lends a distinctive flavor to chili, tamales, and curries. It has an earthy, nutty, warm, and spicy flavor that provides a solid flavor background to savory foods.

Chef Danielle Mendiola of Flying Saucer in Chicago told INSIDER:

“[Cumin] is a staple I use in everything. It can be found in everything from simple soups and sauces that I make to egg salad. It’s just a versatile spice that adds a manageable amount of heat to dishes without overpowering,”

According to studies, cumin is very dense in iron, aids in digestion may help with diabetes, promotes weight loss and reeducation of fats, and possesses anti-inflammatory effects.


This golden spice is one of the most effective nutritional supplements in existence. Turmeric has enchanting health properties that continuous to surprise researchers. It was found to have anti-inflammatory properties, can help decrease one’s risk of cancer, support the detoxification process, and improves cognitive function, blood sugar balance, and kidney function.


Ginger is considered to be a wonder spice. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and helps with joint pain, nausea, and digestion. We can simply drink ginger infusion to clear congestion or chew it raw with lime and salt before eating to boost digestive fire. We can pop it into a cup of tea or sprinkle it into salad dressings to boost the internal heat of the body.