Amazing Health Benefits And Medicinal Uses Of Lead Tree (Ipil-Ipil)

Lead tree is also famously known as Ipil-Ipil. This evergreen plant is native to southern Mexico and northern Central America. Its leaves contain protein, iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin C.

This tree is considered a medicinal tree as it can be used to help treat various health conditions. Special enzymes and nutrition contained in the extracts of this tree offer amazing anti-aging properties.

Here Are Some Of The Known Health Benefits Of Lead Tree

Help Manage Psoriasis

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the lead tree, it can naturally, safely, and effectively manage symptoms of acute skin disorder “psoriasis”, which is known to dry out the skin, and develop painful, red patches all over. Its seeds can help reduce skin inflammation and treat painful red patches efficiently.

Helps Nourish And Add Shine To Your Skin

Found in the leaves of the lead tree are beneficial skin nutrients that can help nourish and moisturize our skin to give it natural radiance and health. Topical application of its leave can help beat all signs of pollution.

Anti-Cancer Agent

According to studies, the ground powder obtained with the roasted seeds of the lead tree possesses anti-cancer properties that can help prevent the growth and spread of cancer-causing cells in the body.

Skin Toner

Natural enzymes are present in the leaves of the lead tree. They trigger the production of collagen, a protein that is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Degradation of collagen in the body leads to winkles, patchy and dark skin that accompany aging. The leaves of the tree work as an effective and natural skin toner and prevent early signs of aging.

Worm Killer

In traditional Chinese medicine, the immature seeds of the lead tree are properly cooked and are used to flush out ringworms and roundworms that settle in the gut.

Helps Treat Dandruff

The oil extracted from the seeds of the lead tree have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be added as a base oil of your choice and applied on the scalp to help treat hair problems like dandruff.

Pain Reliever

Analgesic properties are present in the bark of the lead tree. It can help reduce muscular pain thus making it beneficial for easing difficulties of menstrual periods and reducing menstrual pain.

Moreover, application of the extracts of this tree helps provide relief from joint pains, body pain, neck pain, back pain or tendonitis as well as arthritis.

Important Reminder

Consuming the raw or half-cooked seeds and shoots of the lead tree are harmful to our health. Cooking it properly kills the toxic effects of mimosine enzyme and the dish becomes safe for human consumption. Mimosine is an enzyme formed in the shoots of the lead tree and is not considered fit for direct human ingestion