Different Ginger Combinations For Better Weight Loss

Ginger is an ancient spice that has been widely used in cooking (from vegetable to baking) and as a medicine. This spicy root is known for its power anti-inflammatory properties which possess the ability to help various conditions.

A number of studies have revealed about the ginger ability when it comes to stimulating digestion and suppressing hunger. Due to this, it is believed to help promote weight loss.

How Ginger Can Help In Weight Loss?

Regulates Cortisol Level

Several studies have found that ginger can prevent the synthesis of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone and a major trigger behind belly fats. By drinking ginger tea, we’ll be able to shield our body from cortisol induced weight gain.

Boost Energy Levels

By simply drinking ginger tea, we’ll be able to boost our energy levels, which can have positive effects on our mood and help us exercise better.

Boosts Digestive Power

Due to its digestive power boosting potential, ginger can help curb our appetite while controlling our blood sugar and serum cholesterol. Having a hot cup of fresh ginger tea before a meal can help us with digestive problems like bloating.

Ginger Combinations For Better Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) And Ginger

Apple cider alone has weight loss properties. Studies have found that consumption of 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can help us reduce our body’s fat percentage, thus making use lose belly fats and decreasing our blood triglycerides.

Once ginger and ACV are combined, both of their antiglycemic and antioxidant properties are enhanced.

To use these ingredients for weight loss, we need to blend them together and drink them.
Brew ginger tea in hot water. Let it cool down first before adding ACV because hot water will kill the bacteria in ACV and this loses its probiotic effects.

Add 2 tablespoons of ACV and a little honey or lemon to 1 cup (8 ounces) of brewed ginger tea.
To experience the maximum benefits of ACV, consume this tea once a day – in the morning before eating – is recommended.

Green Tea And Ginger

Green tea is a popular ingredient that can help us lose weight by speeding up our metabolism and increasing fat burning process for a while. Aside from this, it is also loaded with polyphenol, an antioxidant that has various beneficial effects on our health.

We can increase ginger’s weight loss benefit when it is combined with green tea. Simply ground ginger to hot green tea to enjoy its powerful effects. We can also steep ginger and green tea together. Have this drink 2-3 times a day for an amazing effect.

Ginger Lemon Water

When consumed together, ginger and lemons can boost our metabolism. These two acts as an appetite suppressant, cutting out hunger, thereby helping us drop a few stubborn pounds. Aside from its tons of benefits, this combination also tastes great!

To keep us hydrated and feeling fuller longer, we just need to squeeze lemons to our ginger tea or ginger drink. Drink the mixture two to three times a day to achieve the best results.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea alone can do wonders when it comes to losing extra pounds. When consumed, it can keep our hunger pangs under control. We can prepare this tea using grated ginger roots or dried ginger powder.

Heat 250 ml of water in a medium to high heat and allow it to boil. Add grated ginger root or ½ tsp to 1 tsp of dried ginger powder and let simmer for 5 minutes. Finally, strain it and add some honey to taste. Drink the tea while it is warm.