What Happens If You Use Tomatoes On Your Skin?

Tomato is a very versatile ingredient. It is good for your health and your overall beauty. Some of the health benefits you can obtain from consuming tomatoes are the following:

  1. Improves vision
  2. Helps fight cancer
  3. Maintain blood health
  4. Reduces heart diseases
  5. Good for digestion
  6. Prevents urinary tract infections

Tomatoes have been found to be a powerhouse of beauty-enhancing properties, thus making it a solution to almost all types of skin issues, from improving the texture of your skin to enhancing your natural beauty.

Nutritional Value Of Tomatoes

Found in tomatoes are high levels of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant offering amazing health benefits for the skin. Lycopene protects the skin from environmental agents that contribute to clogged pores, breakouts and skin cancer. Aside from this, it can protect your body against oxidative stress and offer some protection from certain environmental toxins and chronic diseases.

Tomatoes contain vitamin A and C as well as a bevy of other antioxidants.

Nutritional value of 100 grams of red ripe tomatoes:

Carbohydrates – 3.89 g
Niacin – 0.594 mg
Folate – 15 mcg
Choline – 6.7 mg
Vitamin A –42 mcg
Lycopene – 2573 mcg
Lutein + zeaxanthin – 123 mcg
Vitamin K – 7.9 mcg
Fiber – 1.2 g
Sugars – 2.63 g
Calcium, Ca –10 mg
Water – 94.52 g
Energy – 18 kcal
Protein – 0.88 g
Total lipid – 0.20 g
Iron, Fe – 0.27 mg
Magnesium, Mg – 11 mg
Phosphorus, P – 24 mg
Potassium, K – 237 mg
Manganese, Mn – 0.114 mg
Vitamin C – 13.7 mg
Sodium, Na – 5 mg
Zinc, Zn – 0.17 mg

Beauty Benefits Of Tomatoes

The beauty benefits of tomatoes are gaining popularity with every passing day. It has been found to have the ability to give you a healthy and beautiful skin. Here are its benefits on your skin:

Prevent Sunburn

According to Prevention Magazine, consuming 5 tablespoons of tomato paste daily for 3 consecutive months can protect you against sunburn.

The high lycopene content of tomatoes can neutralize, and protect your skin from the negative effects of sunrays.

You can also try applying mashed tomato all over the sunburned area and wash off with cold water after 15 minutes.

As A Stress Reliever

Some luxurious body massage oils contain tomato extract because it can help fight off the visible signs of stress on the skin. The extract, when used in eye creams, can make your eyes looking fresh and revitalized.

Brightens The Skin

Due to pigmentation and dark spots, your skin becomes dull, irritated, and unhealthy.

Tomatoes contain glutathione which can effectively treat different types of skin problems. Plus, their antioxidant, brightening and exfoliating properties can help reduce dark spots caused by sun exposure.

Applying tomato juice or rubbing tomato halves on the skin evens out the skin and revives the glow giving you a healthy-looking skin.

Helps Reduce Acne

You can find salicylic acid in tomatoes. This beta hydroxyl acid reaches deep within the skin pores and helps clear up the acne.

Moreover, tomatoes also have astringent properties which help reduce excess oil and acne breakouts from the skin.

Simply apply a mashed tomato on the affected areas, and leave it for an hour. Rinse off with lukewarm water. With regular use, you will notice a reduction in your acne.

Delays Skin Aging

The lycopene content of tomatoes helps your skin absorb more oxygen, thus resulting in a delayed sign of aging and lesser wrinkles.  It provides an amazing natural skin treatment that can make the skin look younger and healthy with less effort.

You can nourish your skin from within by regularly drinking a glass of tomato juice.

Also, you can create a paste by blending 1 tomato and 1 ripe avocado. Apply the mixture on your face, leave it on for at least 20 to 30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Cut Out The Oil

Problem with oily skin? Tomatoes can rescue you.

The natural oil-reducing and astringent properties of tomatoes will help you remove the excess oil from your skin.

Blend together the juice of tomato and cucumber, and apply it on your face using a cotton ball. Done regularly, this will reduce facial oil secretion.

A Natural Bleaching Agent

Tomatoes contain vitamin C that aids in collagen production and protects the cells from free-radical damages. This can be helpful if you want to have a lighter skin tone as well as a glowing and beautiful skin.

Apply a mixture of 2 tablespoons of tomato juice and 2 tablespoons of raw honey on your face. Wait for 10 minutes, and then rinse your face with cool water.

So, what are you waiting for? Tomatoes are easily available in the market. Grab one right away and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.