7 Foods To Avoid When Suffering From Cold Or Flu

When you are suffering from cold or flu, it’s normal that your body aches all over, your head is just about to explode, and your appetite is lost. Surely, you’ll do everything to be able to escape from this feeling. Though there are natural home remedies that work for this condition, you also need to avoid certain types of foods in order to ease your feeling. Staying away from these foods will help you recover sooner.

Here Are The Foods You Need To Avoid When You Have A Cold Or Flu

Cold Foods And Drinks

Cold foods and drinks decrease your body’s temperature and this makes your body exert more in order to increase its terminal temperature all over again. This only slows down your recovery process and prolongs your flu and cold. It can also cause a sore throat.

It would be better if you consume warm soups or hot tea. The steam coming from these foods and drinks can open up nasal passages and increase your body’s internal temperature.

Fast Food And Processed Foods

These foods lack the nutrients that the body needs, contains more preservatives as well as genetically modified products like aspartame, artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, and other immune-inhibiting ingredients. Stay away from these foods even if you are not ill as none of these can help with your problem.

Oily Foods

Avoid deep-fried and fatty foods (French fries, fried chicken) as they can only cause inflammation in the stomach, thus leaving you with an upset stomach. Your immune system, as well as your recovery time, can be affected by greasy and fatty foods.

High-Sugar Foods

At present, most people love to eat candies, donuts, and packed juices. These foods are high in refined sugars, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners which prevents the body from fighting the bacteria that cause cold and flu.

A high-sugar diet causes congestion, decreases the ability of white blood cells to fight illness, and provides an environment conducive for the bacteria. You can try making your own fruit juices at home and sweeten it with honey or maple syrup.


Alcohol dehydrates your body and weakens your immune system thus making you feel worse. It only changes your immune response and influences your risk of developing a common cold.

Red wine, however, has the richness of flavonoids which may have a protective effect against the common cold. Moderate consumption of wine is advised to reduce the occurrence of the common cold.

Meat And Meat Products

Meat and meat products should be avoided because they are hard to digest and your digestive system must work overtime to completely absorb them. Aside from this, animal fats hinder the ability of the body to fight the virus and bacteria that cause illness, thus making you experience a prolonged sickness.

Dairy Products

Avoid consuming dairy products with high-fat content as they can only increase your mucus production. However, low-fat dairy products may be alright to consume. To cure a common cold, you can actually mix a glass of hot milk and a pinch of turmeric powder.

Help your body fight off illness by knowing what foods to consume and what to avoid. Eat more vegetarian foods and stay well-hydrated.