Natural Remedies For Bone Cancer

The functioning of your body can be acutely affected by bone cancer. It can cause wear and tear of the bones. In this type of cancer, cavities in bones called osteolytic lesions are created, thus raising the risk of fractures, causing brittleness, and promoting abnormal growth. The lifespan of the patient can be reduced drastically if the condition spreads to other parts of the body. However, there are some natural remedies that can come handy in curing bone cancer.

Bone cancer patients suffer depression due to the pain associated with their condition. In such cases, surgical or chemical therapies may not show the required results, so alternative (herbal) remedies have been specifically designed for bone cancer treatments, which successfully amalgamate natural remedies for bone cancer with modern therapies.

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are adopted treatments for bone cancer. However, these treatments induce many side-effects. Alternative remedies for bone cancer are provided by experts to reduce its effects. Herbal cure can sometimes provide a complete solution without the use of other methodologies.

At 69 years of age, Seema Rai was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. She declined radiotherapy and instead resorted to herbal therapy for five years. After that, her medical examinations indicated that her suspected bone cancer had resolved. She presently lives a normal, pain-free life.


Here Are Some Of The Effective Natural Remedies For Bone Cancer:

Green Tea

This is a highly recommended natural remedy for bone cancer. It is widely acclaimed for its anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

Vitamin A

Sufficient amount of vitamin A in the body is known to kill bone cancer cells. Include vitamin A-rich foods in your diets, such as dark-green, yellow, or orange fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D

Make sure to have a generous amount of sun exposure daily. The UVB rays from the sun help in making Vitamin D under the skin, which in turn reduces the rate of bone cancer cell multiplication substantially.

Milk Thistle

This herb possesses antioxidants that can help lessen the side-effects of cancer treatments considerably. Milk thistle is available in capsule form but its seeds can be eaten or made into a tea.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains a chemical compound called Aloeride which is known for its anti-cancer properties.



Some of the herbs that are beneficial in treating bone cancer are equisetum comfrey, blue flag, cat’s claw, reishi mushroom, fermented wheat germ, wormwood, bupleurum, yarrow, rosehips, oats, and bladderwrack.

These herbs can be used as dried extracts, tinctures, or glycerites. You can also prepare a tea by boiling a teaspoon of the herb in water and wait for twenty minutes before drinking. However, you should first consult the doctor prior to considering herbal remedies for bone cancer.

Physical Exercise

According to the American Cancer Society, patients with bone cancer should do some physical exercises since this has been found to be effective in reducing depression and anxiety as well as in improving blood circulation.

Bone cancer requires proper treatment which could help patients with incurable conditions to lead a normal life, alleviate the symptoms, and avert terminal stages by controlling the spread of the disease.