Alkaline Water May Help Kill Cancer – Here’s How To Prepare It

You need to detoxify in order to get rid of the toxic substances you get from a living organism in your body. Natural ingredients can be used to cleanse your body and these can just be found in your kitchen, in the garden or on the market.

Actually, you can purify your body with just the help of natural lemon along with cucumber, mint, and ginger. Aside from detoxifying your body, lemon has lots of benefits for your entire health. It improves the immune system, supports good digestion, and maintain a normal kidney and liver function.

Because of its pH balancing properties, lemon has been considered as alkaline. It contains high amounts of vitamin C and pectin, which is a dietary fiber that maintains good digestion and a strong immune system. It also contains antibacterial and disinfectant properties that are effective in treating diseases.

Aside from this, lemons also contain D-limonene that have high antioxidant properties which can help treat and prevent the spread of cancer cells. This can help a lot of people suffering from cancer. With the help of lemon, it will allow the lymphatic fluid to flow correctly, thereby washing away the chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides in your body that can lead to cancer. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent oxidative damage that may lead to growth and spread of cancer cells in the body.

Moreover, the anti-fungal properties of lemon can help prevent the growth of fungus that may result in fungal infection.

Here’s a detoxifying lemon water recipe you can make in just 5 minutes which has the ability to purify your entire body.

All You Need To Do Is To Follow The Steps And Ingredients Below


1 piece lemon
¼ ginger root
½ cucumber
½ cup mint leaves


  1. Peel a little amount of ginger root and completely slice them.
  2. Cut and combine all the ingredients and add some amount of water in it.
  3. In order to get the effectiveness of the mixture, do not throw them into the bin after one use. Just add more water to it.
  4. The mixture will last for at least 3 days if you just continue on adding water on it.


Consume this drink every morning on an empty stomach in order to see the best result. You may also substitute this mixture to your regular drinking water.