Simple Dietary Swaps for Your Health

These days, a myriad of foods are accessible to us. However, we are not aware that we may not be getting the best in terms of nutrient content. Aside from being unaware, many people are enticed by foods, such as junk foods or other similarly empty-calorie foods, because of its labels. Not to mention the popularity of such products themselves based on their commercials.

However, those days where people are complacent about what they eat are already gone. People are now already aware of the importance of healthy foods due to the problems attributed to unhealthy eating. Here are some of the simple dietary swaps you can practice for a healthier you:

From Junk Foods To Healthier Snacks

These past few decades, pizzas, doughnuts, and hamburgers have become very popular as a go-to food. But they also come in with their attributed health issues. Rather than munching on junk foods as snacks, why don’t you try healthier alternatives, just like fruits?

Cold-Water Fish Over Red Meat

Apart from being a good source of protein and iron, red meat has a high percentage of saturated fats, making it an unhealthy food choice. According to studies, eating red meat has been attributed to obesity. That’s why, instead of eating red meat, opt for fish such as sardines, tuna, mackerel, etc. All these fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that are all important to the body when taken.

Swap Mayonnaise With Avocado

Almost all commercial mayonnaise contains calories and unhealthy fats that are often linked to heart disease, obesity, heart issues, and other diseases. Fortunately, eating avocados, instead of mayonnaise, provides your body with the healthy nutrients as it generally contains more than 25 essential nutrients, all of which, contributes to health.

Choose And Consume Whole Grains Than Refined Ones

Unlike refined grains, whole grains don’t undergo the milling process making it retain all its full nutrients which are otherwise lessened, some lost. Due to this, whole grains are considered to be the healthiest grains. Try consuming more whole grains every day for you to maximize the benefits you can get from it. Although it is considered healthy, there are situations where you need to limit the consumption of whole grains especially when you are dealing with some diseases, particularly when you need to cut off glucose intake.

Ditch The Salt, Use Fresh Or Dried Herbs And Spices

Sodium plays a vital role in the normal functioning of the body and salt has this. Yet, problems can be caused by too much consumption of sodium particularly if you have an existing health condition where sodium has relevance. If you are in these case, you can try using spice alternatives without sodium content such as garlic, cinnamon, ginger, etc.