Cancer-Causing Things You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom

For us to be able to stay healthy, nutritionists and experts say that we should drink plenty of water, eat organic foods, have an 8-hour sleep a day, consume more fruits and vegetables, cleanse our organism from harmful toxins, avoid sugary kinds of stuff, chocolate, processed and junk foods.

However, did you know that part of the detoxification process is creating a healthy environment? Your bedroom is one of those places you mostly spend one-third of your lives sleeping. And here are some of the tips on how to make your bedroom cancer free.

Any change you’ll be making inside your bedroom can have a positive impact on your health.

Replace Or Remove All Artificial Fabrics From Your Bedding, Bedroom, And Closet

Synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon are made from thermoplastics. Whenever they are heated, these fabrics out gas plastic molecules. You’re breathing in plastic and formaldehyde if you are wearing free wrinkle clothes. Your skin can also directly absorb these chemicals.

Replace Your Pillows And Pillow Cases With Organic Materials

Replace your pillow and pillowcases with organic materials. People often make the mistake of assuming that compared to synthetics, cotton is a safer choice. Yet, the truth is cotton uses 14% of the world’s pesticides and 25% insecticides.

Replace Or Cover Your Mattress

For many people, this can really cost prohibitive. However, the reality is those conventional mattresses are sprayed with stain resistant chemicals and flame retardant and are made of foam that can outgas for years. Opt for those organic mattresses at local stores.

Remove Accent/Throw Rugs

For allergy sufferers, experts say that tile or wood floors are better options as well as easiest to clean. On the other hand, small accent or area rugs may look nice in your bedroom. However, they hold onto dust mites, dirt, and other allergens. Omit carpet and rugs as much as you can. Antimony, which is found in almost all polyester, is a carcinogen that is toxic to the skin, liver, heart, and lungs.

Buy an Air Cleaner

If you can afford one, you should get a whole house air cleaner or you can have a portable air cleaner so that you can move it from room to room. Try to look for an air cleaner with HEPA filtration and see to it that it does not produce ozone.

Shoe Free Zone

Having an indoor and outdoor shoe is necessary to avoid bringing in dirt, chemicals, and pollen from outdoors. Buy a boot or shoe tray to be placed by your door. Simply put your shoes in the tray when you come in from outdoors to minimize the chemicals and dirt into your house.

Minimize Electrical Devices

Minimize electrical devices in your room. Consider moving your computer, TV or other electronic devices into another room as they can disturb a night of peaceful sleep by disrupting sleep patterns.

Use No-VOC Paint

If you decide to paint your room, use No-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints. VOCs paints have carbon-containing compounds that easily vaporize into the air and then react with other elements to produce ozone which causes health issues such as a headache, watery eyes, nausea, and breathing problems.