Natural Ways To Treat Depression: Breathe, Love, And Laugh

With the advancement of modern technology, many things we do gets easier and more convenient but on the other hand, makes things more complicated. We usually multi-task – doing things at the same time – making stress level rise and we go to bed thinking of a hundred and one things that we usually can’t do something about.

During the pre-smartphone days, our ancestors would just look up to the moonlit sky and just contemplate their next moves. They woke up to a rooster’s cock-a-doodle instead of a cellphone’s ringtone. They go to the beach to spend time away instead of surfing the internet for the latest Netflix action.

Nowadays, people are always on the go, but under lots of stress, making some of them depressed even though they live in the middle of the most convenient and most stylish of homes. They keep forgetting that there is a very simple solution that specific problem – reconnecting and socializing oneself and going back to where everything began: nature.

A woman named Lucinda Bakken White who suffered from depression found out it by herself. She is working in a psychiatric office but still suffered from this condition but finally found the solution – not in her office but in the soothing arms of nature.

She says:

“When I take time to pause in nature, without the distraction and noise of a cell phone or even music, I find the space to hear my inner voice — and I’m able to connect deeply with everything around me,”

Below are her recommendations for a calmer, stress-free life.

Meditate outdoors

One thing you easily do to battle stress is to find a good spot to sit, close your eyes, and meditate and listen to your surroundings. Recharge your mind, body, and spirit by opening your senses to the smells, sights, and sounds of nature.

Bring Nature Home

Collect flowers, plants, seashells, and driftwoods you see on the beach and bring them home along with you. This way, bringing nature home with you for you to look at, smell, and touch, soothes the mind and feeds your spirit.

Learn From The Moon

Let our ancestors remind you and let the moon and its rhythms guide you and let you feel the connection to something larger than yourself. Observe the moon and look how it wanes and waxes like life itself. It is by tradition that new moons signify that one should start making plans. Try to start your to-do list for this 29 day-and-night cycle. When the full moon appears, rejoice over your accomplishments. This allows you to forget about your fears, anxiety, and worries.

Learn From The Animals

These humble beings of nature can teach us a lot about patience, wisdom, and life itself. Take into consideration the deer’s gracefulness and gentleness to remind us to stay positive in times of stress. The humble spider that weaves a web in your bedroom can encourage you to create something new and step out beyond your limits. The gentle rabbit symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

Discover New Places In Nature

Try going to a beach you have never been to. Climb that mountain you’ve been longing to conquer and dare to take the road less traveled. This will help you focus on your priorities and forget about things that make you worry.

In the end, it’s always about you and you alone but nature can reward you in many ways you never imagined. Students from the University of Michigan found out in a study they conducted that those who walked around trees in an arboretum scored 20 percent higher on a memory test than those who did not. A similar study was also conducted involving depressed persons and results showed that walks in nature improved their memory than walks done in urban areas.

Gazing upon the beauty of nature is awe inspiring and is one of the best ways to boost your mental capacity. You don’t need anything to give to receive the gift of nature. Once we take good care of it, it will always give back.