Beating Stage 4 Cancer: One Man Goes Vegan, Quits Chemo, and Saved His Life

A man named Rob Mooberry defied the odds and beat stage 4 cancer by changing his diet.

The story of Mooberry, a father-of-two, was featured in the Daily Mail. He was only given weeks to live. Back in July 2012, he was rushed to the hospital with a perforated colon. According to the results of his scans, he has colorectal cancer which has already metastasized to the other parts of his body such as the liver, bowels, and lymph nodes. He was shocked upon hearing this since no one in his family had a history of cancer. He was told by his doctors that he needs to have a colostomy bag installed and must undergo additional surgery in the gut. Aside from this, he also must also undergo two rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

His cancer was reduced enough in the first round of treatment. Yet, this left him so weak. He felt worse about himself and said that he couldn’t take it anymore. That’s why before starting another round of treatment, he finds ways to flush away the chemicals out of his body.

With the help of his vegetarian wife Amanda, he started a plant-based, alkaline diet after he learned through research that sugar and processed food increases tumors in the body. On his next scan, the results were so clear that his cancer had shrunk by almost 80%. He is now cancer-free and running a small cancer charity.

In his interview with the Daily Mail, he said:

“I’m not standing on my soapbox saying everyone needs to go plant-based and vegan. But if you’re going to ask me what worked for me, I’ll tell you: This diet.”

Before Mooberry’s diagnosis, he had already been experiencing symptoms of change in bowel movement, bloating, and blood in the stool. However, he chose to ignore these symptoms until July 2012 wherein he was hospitalized because of severe pain in his abdomen. The doctors have found out that the pain was due to a micro perforation in his colon, which does not allow anything to pass by it. They also discovered that cancer had spread in his body. Yet, Mooberry still fought the disease and began the hard process of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

He recalled and said:

“It was horrible. I had to take time off work, I had no energy, I felt sick. That kind of medicine puts so many chemicals in your body.”

After everything he went through, he committed to becoming as healthy as possible. While his wife was already a vegetarian, he also decided to take it further and go vegan.

Prior to his first chemotherapy, he started out vegetarian. However, due to the looming treatments and the way it made him feel, he decided to be vegan in order “to save his life” and turned to raw superfoods.