An Extra Serving of Fruits and Veggies Every Day Can Decrease Your Risk Of Disease By 24%

Dr. Michael Heschel Greger, an American physician, author and speaker on public health issues, says that a plant-based diet can safeguard you and your family against lung disease.

According to Dr. Greger, data gathered 50 years ago revealed that proper lung function is linked to high intake of fruits and vegetables. Actually, one extra serving of fruits a day is equivalent to a 24% less chance of dying from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

He also added that results from a 2012 study show that the elderly participants who regularly consumed five or more servings of fruits and veggies a day had an 82% higher antibody response to a pneumonia vaccine compared to those volunteers who just ate a few servings a day.

Moreover, in a study of over 100,00 adults in India, the result revealed that those who ate meat occasionally or daily are more at risk on suffering from asthma than those who did not consume eggs and meat.

The basis behind diets affecting airway inflammation may lie within the thin coating of fluid that comprises the interface between your respiratory tract lining and the outside air.

Dr. Greger advised smokers to quit now. He said that:

“The most important step you can take is to stop. Now. Please. The benefits of quitting are immediate because the human body possesses a miraculous ability to heal itself as long as we don’t keep reinjuring it. In just 20 minutes after quitting, your heart rate and blood pressure drop. Within weeks your blood circulation and lung function improve, and within months, the sweeper cells that help clean the lungs, remove mucus, and reduce the risk of infection start to regrow.”

The damages brought about by the carcinogens in tobacco smoke can also be alleviated by simple dietary changes.

A recent study in a group of long-time smokers was conducted. It was found out that over 10 days, those who ate 25 times more broccoli than average have 41% fewer DNA mutations in their bloodstreams.

Broccoli, The Wonder Vegetable

According to studies, broccoli can prevent DNA damage and the spread of metastatic cancer. It has a sulfur-containing compound, known as sulforaphane that can heal the liver, keep your brain and eyesight healthy, lessen nasal allergy inflammation, alleviate symptoms of type-2 diabetes, decrease the rate of prostate cancer progression, and eliminate breast cancer stem cells.

Commercially-produced frozen broccoli lacks the ability to form sulforaphane., as the vegetables are flash-cooked before they are frozen, according to Dr. Greger.

Other Ways To Improve Lung Function

Have some good amount of vitamin C. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, people with high levels of vitamin C in their body are protected against lung cancer. Some of its sources are strawberries, red and green peppers, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and kiwifruit.

Increase your intake of beta-carotene which can be found in fruits and vegetables like apricots, squash, red peppers, mangoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes. It is converted into vitamin A, which is necessary for lung health.