Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Are you struggling to lose weight? Or are you one of those who have tried many diet supplements but still failed to attain their goal? Don’t lose hope. Weight loss friendly foods are still available. Not all foods contain calories. Different foods have a different reaction to hunger hormones.


Oats are packed with fiber, healthy carbs, nutrients and much more. It is considered as the diet staple because it helps reduce weight and also affordable and customizable.

Have some of it several times a week and if you really want to gain positive results, avoid adding sugar or any toppings on it.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It contains 1.7 grams of starch and healthy carbs that can help burn fat and boost the body. Another good news for dieters is that brown rice contains only fewer calories and is considered as the lower-energy food – which means that if you eat a little, you would feel as if you had much.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast has proteins which can provide the body with the needed energy to perform your daily tasks. Yet, you still have to control your overall calorie intake if you really want to lose weight. Cook this without breading, it will help you burn calories in your body.

Green Tea

With a regular drink of green tea, you will be able to maintain your weight because it contains fat burning substances.


Apples are healthy and famous. It is a low-energy food. Eating a water-rich apple fruit gives you the feeling of fullness; therefore you would not want to have some more food.


This natural herb works well in reducing weight. Eating pepper will reduce your appetite, increase metabolism and will help burn calories as well. The chemical capsaicin present in pepper is the one that helps reduce your appetite.


Salmon has healthy fats, essential nutrients, and proteins. It can provide your body with the feeling of fullness for hours making you avoid eating anything else which would result in lesser calorie intake.

Whole Eggs

You must eat whole eggs if you really want to lose weight. It has healthy carbs and high in nutrients.


Make sure to add beans to your diet. It is considered to be a magical fruit which can nourish your body’s condition.

It contains magnesium, vitamins, potassium, and many other properties which help reduce weight and boost the energy of your body.


Tuna has fewer calories and fats with high protein content. You should focus on this one.


Chili is a weight loss food. It will help reduce your cholesterol level and increase absorption of nutrients in the body.

Wisely select the food you eat. It will play a vital role in your plan to lose weight. Consider including those foods mentioned above in your daily meals.