Goodbye Eye bags

Eye bags are formed due to fluid build-up under your eyes. It can be a sign of exhaustion. Some of its reasons are lack of sleep, allergies, stress and partying too hard.

If puffy eyes have been a constant part of your complexion maybe you should try to find the reason behind it or make some changes to your lifestyle and get more rest.

There are some natural ways you can try to get rid of under eye swelling.

It Is All In The Water

Drink at least two liters (half a gallon) of water every day. This would speed-up your metabolism and make sure that puffy eyes would never bother you again. Different body organs function at its best if you are well hydrated and also, it can do wonders for your looks.

Egg-White Omelet

Aside from being nutritious, cholesterol-free breakfast, egg-whites can also be used as an eye bag remover. Beat a few egg-whites in a bowl. Using a brush, spread them over your eyes. Wait for about 20 minutes until the mixture dries and your skin starts feeling tighter. Rinse with lukewarm water.

No To Salt

High consumption of salty foods is not good for your body. Salt makes your body maintain more water thus resulting in a bloated feeling. This is true for every part of your body, which includes your eyes. It’s not easy to eliminate salt from your diet, but it can give you many healthy and beauty benefits.

Blink Away

You blink a lot less than normal during the heavy stages of sleep. Blinking disperses the fluids around your eyes as well as hydrate and protects it when you are awake. Not blinking enough in your heavy sleep might cause recurrent eye bags. That’s why, upon waking up try to blink rapidly for 30 seconds.


If you suffer from persevering eye bags, freeze a couple of spoons overnight. In the morning, apply to your eyes until they are not cold anymore. Repeat this for at least two weeks, until there is a significant change in your complexion.

Fresh As A Cucumber

Cucumber contains vitamin C, silica, and caffeic acid, which can prevent water retention and swelling, therefore, eliminates eye bags. Chill some cucumber slices in the fridge and apply to your eyes for 10 minutes.

Small Potatoes

These roots are rich in starch, which help in inflammation and swelling. You can use potatoes like cucumbers. Cut them into slices and then, chill in the freezer. Place on your eyelids for 10 minutes.

Milk It

Milk work wonders for beautifying your eyes. Dip two cotton balls or maybe a towel in warm milk. Apply it to your eyelids. Relieve stress and tension from your eyes by staying like this for 15-20 minutes.

Some Tea Bags

Chamomile and green tea are wonderful beautifying tools. Soothe puffy eyes by applying chilled tea bags on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.