The Sweet Truth About The Bitter Melon (Amplaya)

Ampalaya or Bitter Melon has been proven to be an effective herbal medicine for various ailments. It is characterized by its bitter taste, which is due to the presence of momordicin, and wriggled appearance of the fruit. This vegetable is believed to be among the most bitter of all vegetables and is commonly used in South American and Asian dishes.

Furthermore, its fruits are brilliant sources of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B, iron as well as beta-carotene. The Philippine Department of Health has endorsed Ampalaya as an alternative herbal medicine for liver diseases. Nowadays, it has been extracted, packed in dietary pills and powdered because of the many health benefits that it offers. But why will you consume it synthetically when you can directly obtain its benefits by eating it as it is?

Here Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of This Veggie

1. Anti-diabetic

Bitter Gourd is famously known for its ability to lower down blood sugar level. This has been the reason why people who are on diabetes medication are highly discouraged to consume it. When a person is taking meds along with eating this veggie, it may cause blood sugar to drop too low and may result in severe effects on that person. This blood sugar lowering property can be attributed to Polypeptide-p, Charantin, and Vicine.

2. Good For The Heart

Presently, heart diseases are among the leading causes of death around the world. Individuals inborn with the risk of developing this disease as well as those who are having a high risk of developing one should make plans and changes in their lifestyle in order to at least slow down its development or to counter attack it. Are you familiar with LDL cholesterol? It’s commonly known as bad cholesterol. Ampalaya extracts can bind these cholesterols and then remove them out of your body. Aside from this, Ampalaya also aids in blood circulation by keeping a good number of solutes passing through the veins.

3. Eye Problems

Eye-related problems like sty and sore eyes can be treated using Ampalaya juice. It can also improve eyesight and prevent cataract development.

4. Hepatoprotection Activity

This vegetable is used as an herbal remedy in protecting the liver against damages brought by alcohol intake and other harmful substances.

5. Antioxidant

Ampalaya has anti-oxidative properties due to its high vitamin C content. Aside from its ability to actually prevent colds, vitamin C also acts better as an antioxidant. It attaches itself to the free radicals that cause aging of cells and prevent its adverse effect in the body.

6. Appetite Suppressor

Its bitter taste is not the reason for your loss of appetite to eat, but instead, its lectin content is the one that helps you achieve a non-hungry effect.

7. Skin Improvement

The ample amount of vitamin C present in Ampalaya contributes to skin beautification. It can control the sugar content in your blood, thus, preventing blemishes, healing damaged skin and improving blood clot.

8. Good Bye Bad Hair Day

The veggie doesn’t just act on your internal organs. It can beautify your physical appearance as well. Your hair dries up and gets damaged due to stress and exposure to heavy pollution. Also, many people experience hair fall and gray hair issues. But don’t you worry anymore. You can resort to Ampalaya juicing and say goodbye to your bad hair day.

9. Immuno-booster

As bacteria and viruses are everywhere, you can easily contract diseases if you lack proper health regimen like ample hours of sleep, exercise, and healthy diet. As this can affect your day to day activities, you really need immune-boosters and this is one of the super foods you can resort to. Consume it naturally in order to maximize its health effects.

10. Menopause

Take Ampalaya tea regularly to relieve pain and discomfort associated with menopause.

11. Effective In Weight Loss

Veggies like Ampalaya are low in calories but rich in fiber. It can be great for those who wanted to have a healthier weight. Moreover, its high water content and other compounds also help to achieve that “feeling full” state.

12. Ease Your Digestion

As it is high in water content and fiber, it can also contribute to improving your bowel movement. An adequate intake of water helps prevent constipation and a good dose of fiber helps clean the colon.

13. Respiratory Ailments

Juice extracted from Ampalaya leaves and fruits are used in treating various respiratory problems such as bronchitis, wheezing cough, asthma, and pharyngitis.