Kidney Stones: Causes, Prevention, and Natural Treatments

Health experts reported that about 7% of women and more than 12% of men will have to deal with kidney stones at some points in their lives. Statistics say that once you suffered through them, you’ve got an 80% chance of recurrence. As it has become popular nowadays, it opened people’s minds to natural medicines.

According to conventional doctors, the common causes of this include too many vitamin supplements, too much animal protein, too much calcium, and genetics.

As genetics can lead to a predisposition to kidney stones, the type of diet within the family is a factor that greatly contributes to the reason why the stones run in families. Soda, cheap supplements, some drugs, tap water, factory-farmed animal products, table salt as well as an acidic diet can all result in a formation of kidney stones.

If I were you, I will highly consider a diet of fresh, unrefined, whole foods to prevent kidney stones.

A Healthy Diet Is What We Need

The foundation of a healthy diet is fresh, raw and organically produced foods. Refined foods like flour, sugar and table salt must be avoided. It’s important to drink lots of water. Distilled water is very pure and good for you if you consume enough. Also, spring water from a clean source has numerous health benefits. You may also regularly drink lemonade sweetened with stevia, as lemons can reduce the possibility of kidney stones.

Switch to tea, instead of drinking coffee. According to studies, green and black tea can reduce the likelihood of developing kidney stones. Refrain from eating conventionally factory-farmed animal products as well as consumption of poor quality, unhealthy supplements, and protein powders.

Aside from these, there are some other foods that prevent and eliminate kidney stones like dandelion root, kidney beans, watermelon, and raw apple cider vinegar.

Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

Try drinking a half-gallon of cranberry-stevia lemonade per 100 pounds of body weight every day. However, you must be very careful when consuming this cranberry juice. It’s fine when taken in short-term as it helps pass a stone and treat a urinary infection. Its effectiveness is due to its polyphenolic compounds that dissolve kidney stones and flush them out of the body in the form of urine. But with long-term use, as shown in some studies, it can possibly cause stone formation maybe because of its high oxalic acid content.

Furthermore, you must eat a tablespoon of unrefined blackstrap molasses and drink a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day to balance your body’s pH level.

List Of Herbs That Were Proven To Help Remove Kidney Stones Painlessly and Quickly

Corn Silk – reduces the risk of recurring kidney stones and helps treat bladder infections

Nettle Leaf – helps maintain the flow of water through the kidneys and bladder and aids keep crystals from forming into stones.

Marshmallow Root – eliminates toxins and soothes cell membranes in the urinary system, therefore, making it easier to release kidney stones

Hydrangea Root – a powerful diuretic and also an antilithic herb, which ejects and prevents kidney stones

Horsetail Herb – helps regulate the calcium stored in the body and soothes urinary tract inflammation.

Uva Ursi Leaves – increase renal circulation and limits the acid content in urine.

Goldenrod Flowers – fight urinary tract infection and help flush out kidney stones.

Gravel Root – provides defense against kidney stones and increases the flow of urine. It also plays a role in maintaining an alkaline body by expelling excess uric acid – a cause of kidney stones.