Inflammation Is The Primary Cause Of Almost All Disease – Here Are The Natural Ways To Prevent It

In an article published on the website, it’s written that inflammation is the cause of almost all diseases.

Inflammation is considered to be our body’s response to defend itself against foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria, repair a damaged tissue and heal after an injury. Commonly, it is characterized by swelling, loss of function, pain, heat, and redness. Without it, injuries and wounds could become infected and further lead to fatal infection.

There are two types of inflammation. The one that occurs for only a few days is called acute inflammation. Conversely, when it lasts for a long-term like months or years, it is called chronic inflammation. Meaning, the body’ cells are continually under attack.

As a response to unwanted substances in the body such as the excess of fat cells and toxins from cigarettes, chronic inflammation occurs. A person experiencing this gets sick more easily and ages faster. This type of inflammation is deadly. In some diseases, the immune system mistakenly fights against healthy cells in the body and this leads to harmful inflammatory responses. Instead of fighting the actual injury or disease, the body fights itself.

At present, chronic inflammation is a problem that has been directly connected to the top deadly diseases such as heart disease, neurodegenerative disease, cancer and diseases of the gut. It has also been associated with mental illnesses, deterioration of bone health, lung conditions like a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung infections, and asthma. Unlike modern medicine, ancient medicinal traditions, as well as traditional Chinese medicines, do not prescribe a medicine without a full understanding of the cause of disease. Modern science causes side effects, ruins the gut microbiota and furthermore leads to even more chronic inflammation.

Luckily, inflammation can be prevented or avoided in many natural ways.

Use A Naturally Powerful, Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

These include ginger, turmeric, black peppers, frankincense, bark from a maritime pine tree, Manuka honey, green tea, white willow bark, rosemary, ginger, cinnamon, olive leaf extract, cloves, chili peppers, cat’s claw and pepper. They quickly help in reversing chronic inflammation in the body.

Follow An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Refined sugar and processed oils like corn and canola oil are the ones that worsen chronic inflammation. In this diet, these two things are eliminated. Foods that help reduce inflammation include vegetables, seeds, whole grains, sprouts, beans and healthy oils that are rich in omega 3s such as hemp seed oil and coconut oil.

Reduce Stress

Stress results to an imbalance in the digestive tract in which the bad bacteria take over the good ones, thus resulting in inflammation. Moreover, it increases the cortisol levels of the body that exhausts the immune system and results in chronic inflammation of all tissues. That’s why in order to stop chronic inflammation as soon as possible always take time to lower your stress levels. This can be reduced by taking herbal supplements, eating healthy foods, doing meditation, getting enough sleep, mindful breathing, exercise, Yoga or Tai Qi.