GINGER: A Much Preferred Alternative To Chemotherapy

Have you seen the documentary “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives”? It’s where farmers commented about the intelligence of squirrels. According to them, the squirrels once offered a choice, would always bite on the non-GMO corn cobs instead of the genetically engineered corn cobs.

These two corn cobs look identical to humans. However, squirrels have more discernment, thus, they tend to refuse to ingest that jumbled DNA or toxic herbicides.

Both men and women act dumber than squirrels when it comes to cancer treatments and that’s the sad truth about it.

For instance, a cancer diagnosis was given to you by your doctor. Let’s try to revisit animal wisdom. If a squirrel is looking over a vial full of Daunorubicin, Tioguanine or Methotrexate on one side and a tasty morsel of ginger on the other, what do you think that intelligent squirrel would choose to munch? Obviously, your answer is right! After being dried and cooked, ginger roots manifest an ingredient called 6-shogaol.

At the event of killing cancer cells, 6-shogaol, an element which is naturally occurring in ginger, is up to 10,000 times more effective than those destructive drugs in vials. Furthermore, it was reported by David Guiterrez of Natural News that this element is active in battling cancer stem cells at concentrations that are far way harmless to healthy cells. This is totally different from the usual chemotherapy. This method creates serious side effects since it kills both cancerous and healthy cells.

Just like all food and medicinal herbs, ginger comes from the soil.

Moreover, the health and fertility of our soil determine the health of our bodies. Dr. William Albrecht, Ph. D was the champion of understanding this vital link between soil health and human health. Nowadays, the legacy of his writings and researches at the University of Missouri becomes more potent.

Here’s one of his famous quotes :

“The soil is the ‘creative material’ of most of the basic needs of life. Creation starts with a handful of dust.”

That handful of dust is where ginger comes from. In mice studies, ginger’s 6-shogaol extract content has shown to reduce prostate tumors by over 50%. Additionally, in a study on PLOS, it shows that 6-shogaol extracted from ginger can particularly target breast cancer stems cells, which are very difficult to kill, without killing those healthy cells, unlike with chemotherapy.

So, what will you choose to heal? Toxic chemicals or Ginger and other superfoods?

The American Cancer Society (a subset of the American Cancer Industry) has projected that over 1.6 million Americans will be well-informed of the effects of chemotherapy once they receive this news.

The evidence of damage to water and soil from herbicides and pesticides as well as all manner of frequencies, chemicals, and nanoparticles has been all documented. The effects of these damages gradually decline the health of numerous Americans, particularly those vulnerable children. That’s why it’s about time to consider and demand healthy natural cures like ginger root. Just say no to poison because you always have a choice.