More Reasons To Eat Hyacinth Beans (Bataw)

Hyacinth bean is a nutritious climbing plant that is also popularly known in the Philippines as “Bataw”. It has edible seeds, pods, leaves, flowers, and roots. Being packed full of different nutrients and minerals, bataw is used for its medicinal properties. Here are some of the ways on how bataw can improve the general wellness of the human body.

Anti-Aging Properties

Bataw contains nutrients that may be able to slow down the aging process. Its vitamin B1 acts as an antioxidant that helps prevent oxidative stress and things like age spots, wrinkles, and other side effects of aging.

Supports Digestion

Bataw is rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps improve digestion by absorbing the water to form a viscous substance which is fermented by the bacteria in a digestive tract while insoluble fiber provides bulk to the stool, and prevents bloating, indigestion and constipation.

Strengthens Oral Health

Due to its nutrient and mineral content, bataw can help prevent tooth decay and strengthen gums. Present in this vegetable is high levels of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D that are essential for strengthening teeth and bones and teeth formation. The high content of vitamin D in Bataw, in particular, can help reduce gum inflammation that that is related to periodontal gum disease.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Bataw is rich in vitamin B1, an essential nutrient needed by our hearts. It promotes healthy ventricular function and may help treat heart failure. Deficiency in vitamin B1 may result in irregular heart function.

Helps Treat Insomnia

Being loaded with magnesium, bataw consumption may reduce symptoms of insomnia, and improve sleep time, sleep efficiency, and sleep onset. Magnesium helps increase the sleep, lower levels of cortisol, and increase concentrations of melatonin that are related to stress.

Combats Respiratory Disorders

Bataw has been used to treat some respiratory and lung disorders like pulmonary and chronic obstructive diseases. According to experts, its richness in manganese, selenium, and zinc may help people with respiratory disorders and even support lung healing. This effect is mainly due to the ability of these minerals in reducing the oxidative stress and inflammation associated with the problem.