Help Manage Joint Pain With Olive Oil And Sea Salt

When it comes to joint pain, many of us seem to be reaching for an OTC medicine most of the time. Though these painkillers are good at reducing pain, they are associated with lots of side effects. So, why not opt for a more natural approach to dealing with this pain?

In addition to a diet high in fruits and vegetables, we can reduce inflammation and pain in our joints by using natural anti-inflammatory substances like olive oil and sea salt.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This wonder oil naturally extracted and not chemically manufactured thus providing numerous healing benefits to our body.

Olive oil is significantly high in antioxidants called polyphenols which were found to be able to slow down cellular aging once it comes in contact with our body. Due to this, it takes longer for conditions that cause joint pain, such as arthritis, to affect the cells and actually makes us feel the pain.

Moreover, this recommended oil is also rich in oleocanthal that prevents enzymes that provoke inflammation from being activated. It works the same way as ibuprofen in reducing pain.

What’s more? The monounsaturated fatty acids that are present in olive oil are also good for our cardiovascular health.

Sea Salt

Sea salt contains decent amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. It provides the body with numerous incredible benefits. The magnesium content of the salt helps strengthen the tissues, reduces inflammation, and is involved in various bodily processes, including muscle contraction, brain function, and energy levels. Likewise, potassium also performs several functions wherein one of them is keeping our muscles healthy. The salt’s other beneficial minerals are perfect for our immune system, thus helping our bones and muscles heal quickly. Besides lowering blood pressure, sea salt also helps improve our circulatory system by eliminating excessive amounts of salt in our blood.

How To Make Salt and Oil Treatment?

Simply follow the procedure below.


  1. 20 tbsps. of olive oil
  2. 10 tbsps. of sea salt
  3. 1 cup of water


Add the 20 tbsps. of oil and 10 tbsps. of salt to the water. Mix them well and then gently massage onto the area of concern for at least 10 minutes. We can increase the time gradually. Our main goal is to get to 20 minutes.

The oil can be stored in a spray bottle for an easy application.

Doing the massage will help ease the pain and has positive effects on inflammation. It will relax our body, increase blood circulation on the affected area, and lower stress levels that cause havoc on our immune system.