Medicinal Uses and Health Beneifts Of Astralagus

Astralagus is a powerful herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Other common names for this plant include Huang qi, běi qí, Mongolian milkvetch, Mongolian milk, Chinese astragalus, milk vetch astragale, membranous milk vetch, and membranous milkvetch.

The roots of the plant are the only part that can be used as a remedy. According to herbalists, astralagus is becoming popular because it is an adaptogen. This means that it is able to change its function depending on the specific need of the body.

The major active components of astralagus are as follows: 

Polysaccharides – considered as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compound with antiviral agents. This is one of the primary antioxidant agents from most medicinal plants.

Saponins – are plant steroids that exhibit anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties as well as antibacterial effects. They are believed to lower cholesterol and have anticancer effects.

Flavonoids – are phytochemicals with antioxidant effects. They can help protect the body against age-related disorders such as heart disease and cancer.

Some Known Health Benefits Of Astralagus

May Improve Heart Function

There are researches showing that astralagus may help improve heart function by widening blood vessels and increasing the amount of blood pumped from the heart.

In a clinical study, patients with heart failure were given 2.25 grams of astragalus twice daily for two weeks, along with conventional treatment. At the end of the study period, patients experienced greater improvements in heart function compared to those receiving standard treatment alone.

Helps Reduce Stress

Suffering from mood swings and nervous tension? Then probably this ancient herb can provide some help.

Stress can have harmful effects on our health. Astralagus can help lower our stress levels, promote peace, and calm our body and mind.

Helps Boost the Immune System

Astralagus has a natural antibiotic property that can help increase our body’s resistance to viral infections. Aside from this, it is also loaded with antioxidants that can protect our body from free-radical damage.

Helps Prevent Diabetes

Studies revealed that astralagus can help control blood glucose, fight the harmful effects of free radicals, and promote antioxidative activity in pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Helps Reduce Sleep Issues

With the help of astralagus roots, we’ll be able to help treat insomnia, sleeplessness, and interrupted sleep patterns. It can help provide us a peaceful sleep by improving metabolism and overall health.

Helps Prevent Respiratory Problems

Astralagus may help prevent the reoccurrence of asthma in children. Also, it was found to be able to reduce the incidence of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) in children with nephrotic syndrome.

Important Reminder

Astralagus, when used appropriately as an herbal remedy appears to be very safe, however, very high doses may suppress our immune system. It is not advisable to use this herb when you are using immune-suppressing medications.

Pregnant and nursing women, people with immune system diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions known as an “auto-immune disease” are not advised to use astralagus roots.